One thing in your life that is easier said then done is simplifying. How? Well, if you are a pack rat like me you have a frak-ton of stuff sitting around in boxes, on shelves, in corners and all sorts of nooks and crannies.

So, I have decided its time to simplify my life as much as possible. As well as hopefully get back a small percentage of the money I put out buying all the crap I have. In all seriousness, there are parts of my floor that are sitting there covered with stuff that has never been unpacked because I have no place to put anything. And its annoying!

Yesterday, I spent a good portion of my day working in my garage that has boxes from when I moved into my house as well as boxes from when I moved from California 8 years ago, sitting in it. It was a hell of a job and my sinuses are still screwed up from all the dust and dirt I breathed in. But, in truth it felt good but it was depressing as well, to see how much of life could just be tossed away like there was no tomorrow. But there is so much of my past that I would like to throw out that it is probably for the best. I will say though that my shredder is going to get a workout this week, I have boxes of old paper work that needs to go away. As well as old checks and check registers from about 10 years ago.

Then I started thinking, how much can I simplify? I took a look around my house and I have so many things that I do not need. So many, its kinda scary. How much of my money have I wasted on these things? That now just sit there and collect dust, which creates more work for me to do. So… I am going to get rid of it all… at least as much as I can. Sorting thru my books will be the hardest thing because I love my books but there are many I bought and never once looked at again. But it is time. I still am unpacking boxes of books I didn’t realize I had still. I mean do I really need my art class book anymore? Am I ever going to worry about art history again? I mean, I have my notes on that class still… those I will keep. There are some great observations in there.

Simplifying – easier said then done… its giving me a full on headache.

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