Slytherin Student

I am currently working on putting together a Slytherin Student Costume for my Halloween costume this year. And of course, I have wanted to do one for awhile now. This is one costume that will be 99% purchased as is. Not really anything I could make better then what I can buy for the same price. So, to save me the hassle of having to figure it all out I have and will be slowly purchasing the items I need. Mainly from

Costume Parts Needed
(crossed off? Got it!)

Why Slytherin?, you ask. Why not?, I say. But in truth I have done a ton of those time wasting tests that ask you what house you are in. I always got Slytherin as my top House with a dash of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw in there. So, I am going with a Slytherin costume. And in truth – I think the kiddies will enjoy it more and be more scared of a Slytherin student then a Gryffindor at Halloween plus… I am a Slytherin gal thru and thru…

I finally finished my Slytherin costume and it turned out great. I wore it last year to work for a Halloween Costume and came in 2nd place! Woot!!! (update – 10/2011)

Slytherin Student – Steampunk Version

I need to do a steampunk version of the Slytherin Student for a halloween party this year. I will update as more comes about. UPDATE: This never happened… may never happen but you never know.

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