My Dream Episode 7

Yesterday became a day I really never thought I would see… an announcement that Episodes 7 – 8 – 9 will be made in the Star Wars franchise. I gave that up many years ago because Lucas kept saying the third trilogy was never going to happen. The actors were too old, time has passed, I want to do other thing.  Now because of the buyout of LucasFilm by Disney we have found out that the movies will actually happen but without Lucas at the helm.

While I am super-duper excited, for many reasons, I can’t help but worry that what so many fans, including myself, will be expecting will not happen. Why? Because we really have no clue what vision these new people will have. Yes, people are excited that Lucas won’t be part of it but myself, I am a bit worried he won’t have any hand in it. Maybe with the Prequels he spent too much time int he kitchen, refusing to let anyone else in but he was always involved in some way with anything else that has happened in the Star Wars universe. Skywalker Ranch was the eye of the Star Wars hurricane. He was also the one who made the major decisions on parts of the Extended Universe – while we all were angry at Salavatore for killing Chewie it was really Lucas who chose him out of a list of many. So, one wonders… who is going to be the guiding hand in this. Will they keep it in some semblence of a Star Wars Universe or will be suddenly have a completely new world that makes no sense.

In a video released yesterday after the announcement of Disney buying LFL, Lucas tells us he is retiring and handing his reins over to Kathleen Kennedy:

First thing on my mind was… who is this woman? Second, I am kind of sad George is walking away now. I know, I know… people say he screwed the pooch and messed of the Universe with the Prequels but I on of the few that don’t think he did. At least as badly as many people bitch about.

So, now we have to wait until 2015 to find out how screwed up can possibly look. I am not hoping for the best right now and there is a ton of speculation of who will fill the Directors chair.

  • Christopher Nolan doubt it, he has Superman on his hands now
  • the chick behind the Twilight movies and Riding Hood – I really hope not. I don’t like her movies.
  • JJ Abrams: nope, in the middle of a Star Trek trilogy
  • Whedon: nope, he will be busy for the next decade on the Avengers Trilogy
  • Robert Rodriguez – intrigued by his style might not match the series very well but he has done a lot of high action, hi CG films and he a Hollywood outsider like Lucas.

My only hope is that whoever they get, they will love the series as much as we diehard fans do because you have to love it to do it right, IMHO. Lord of the Rings was as amazing as it is because Jackson was so passionate about the books and loved them. He put that love into the movies. Many things were changed but he kept the soul of the story. You can not just put a body into the chair for Star Wars, they must have that same love for it. Of course, I have a hard time imaging a director in Hollywood who doesn’t love the Series. They are also going to have to be willing to focus on these three movies for the next 12-15 years (depending on when pre-production starts) which is not easy if you have other projects you want to work on. Of course, they could just round robin the 3rd trilogy like with Harry Potter. Get a different director for each movie, finding the one whose strength will work best with the direction of that particular film. I am not a fan of this because you must have a connecting feeling.

One of the least likeable thing about the HP movies (at least the first few) is that the setting, feeling, etc changed with each director because each one had their own vision for the series. While, yes, the Original Trilogy was directed by three different people the feeling stayed the same. Why? Because they had the same person keeping an eye on things. Okaying everything – Lucas. As producer he was able to make decisions about what happened. These are some of the hurdles the series will have and it’s just been announced.

The same with the writing. Lucas has mentioned he has things written down and its ready for someone to take and create a screenplay with. This is my second concern. The story. While yes, we want to see the magic cast back from the originals and we are all fully aware that there is no way they could set this right after the OT (original trilogy) because of this. People have speculated that they could, if they use Pixar and animate it but I don’t think that would work. How can you have 3 out of 9 movies be animated while the rest are live action?? Yes, I know Lucas had animated characters but it was a mixed world of CG and human actors. This means we need to look at a possible third generation. .Vader is dead, Luke and Leia are older. The Star Wars stories focus on the Skywalker family which means we have to see kids.

I can only hope that whom ever takes on the job of writing the movies looks towards the Extended Universe because there is a plethora of material there. Material that fans adore and obsess over already. I also believe that if you want to keep the fans on your side, especially with Star Wars, you need to go there. Yes, there is an openness of using the Star Wars world as background then jumping ahead so many years but I have a feeling if you give Han & Leia kids and they are not named: Jacen, Jaina and Anakin you will have some very angry customers on your hands. If Luke isn’t married to Mara Jade with a kid named Ben… you get my drift?

Now my plea to the producers of the 3rd Tri-logy… so to the bookstore and start reading. Find a story in something that is already published. You do not have to go with that exact story but there is a rich world there to pull from. Amazing dramas, characters who are well thought out. But there are some well written stories:

  • Anything with Thrawn- the blue dude with attitude. He is probably one of the best villains in the EU.
  • Mara Jade Skywalker – once the Hand of the Emporer, now the wife of Luke. She kicks ass and has a very filled our resume in the EU.
  • The Solo Kids – Jacen, Jaina and Anakin – if you read about them you know how amazing they are. You get the twins: Jacen & Jaina then Anakin… as powerful as his grandfather
    JainaSolo EssentialAtlas.jpg   Caedus EA.jpg  AnakinSolo EA.jpg

With these three characters being drawn into the series, you have so may stories you can build upon but I believe there are several that are worth noting.

  • The New Jedi Order Series: While Thrawn is there right before it happens. This is about an invasion into the galaxy from outside. Its dark, gruesome and would be visually stimulating. The sucky part is that the first book has a death in it that would crush non-EU reading fans and it would be difficult to explain. While amazing… not the best choice.
  • Legacy of the Force Series: This is a very powerful series and would help round out the movie series. We see yet another Skywalker fall into darkness, following the steps of his grandfather. It takes place 40 after a new hope – just about right for the age of the actors of the OT and they are in the series pretty heavily. But the story focuses more on the next generation and a rebirth of the Empire many decades later. Out of all the books I believe this one would translate the best for the big screen.

My only hope though is that it continues to be amazing. We have a lot coming at us in the Star Wars world right now. The Clone Wars continues on Cartoon Network, we have the new Detours by Seth Green and the highly anticipated live action series. I am excited to see what happens. I can not wait to buy tickets and see the new movies on the big screen with my son; just as my parents took me. I am in love with the knowledge that this series I love so damned much, has helped me in many ways is still alive and kicking.

Hunger Games…

I sit here thinking about the movie “The Hunger Games” and trying to put down in words my thoughts on this movie. I will say there will be spoilers for the movie in this review so proceed carefully.

I guess the best way to start is to discuss the most important issue: adaptation from book to movie. I personally think they did a pretty good job with the adaptation. It is not easy to take any story and adapt it for the screen while keeping the essence and beauty of the story alive. There have been some absolutely horrid adaptations and this is not one of them. I do not know how much Suzanne Collins was actually involved in the creation of the screenplay but it always is a plus to me to see the novels author on that list of names. Yes, as per usual there were many things left out of the movie that were in the novel but they were able to work in many of the more important plot points in other ways. There were times I wish they had expanded upon some parts of the story, like the relationship between the two tributes – Peeta and Katniss. It made it hard to believe there was any connection between the two by the end of the movie – whether it be friends or lovers. But this may work for the upcoming movies or maybe we are made to feel the disconnect, the unrealness just as some of the other characters do. But all in all, it was not a bad adaptation of the novel. While at points the story was rush, it would have been nice if we could have felt a little more depth in the story. More on that in a bit. My favorite part in the adaption is their use of the anchors for the Hunger Games to explain some of the things that happen in Katniss’ head in the novel. They gave us the explanations of certain aspects of the film that we wouldn’t have gotten unless they had inserted a narrator into the story. Plus, it gave us more Stanley Tucci! But it felt that they gave up parts of the actual novel to give us a different aspect of the story. Showing us how the game worked behind the scenes to show us how much of a “tv show” the games are for the people in the Capital.

As for the acting, before I even heard of the novels I heard of the uproar around the casting of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen and I hope they were not disappointed. I feel that she did a wonderful job in the role. One of the biggest traits we see in the novels of Katniss is a kind of disconnect, she has this huge shield up not letting anyone in except maybe her sister and her best friend Gale and I felt that Ms. Lawrence was able to make this happen on the screen. You as an audience member were able to feel this shield she has up because you wanted to see her to express something, anything to see her breakdown and unfortunately this is one of the parts where the screenwriters screwed up because they cut out some of those moments in the novel where Katniss lets it all go and shows so much emotion. These were some of the most powerful moments in the novel because they let us see the humanity in Katniss, instead they did not give that to us and showed us for the most part a very robotic character.

Now the other characters, there acting was very well done as was the casting. You could sense the nonsensical desperation in Effie Trinket (played by the wondrous Elizabeth Banks) in the few scenes that she had. I wish we had, had more of Woody Harrelson. His part in the story is brushed over even more. It would have been nice to see a bit more from him but alas the movie was already a long 2 1/2 hours long. I am very torn on the casting of Peeta. I do not know if I should love it or hate it. In truth, like a lot of the other characters I felt as though there really wasn’t enough of him to be able to really know anything of his character. In the novel, we learn so much about his strength and character after he and Katniss can finally fight together but part of the movie is rushed by and smushed into what now seems to only be one day instead of days and days of time for them to connect and bond.

My favorite character was the President, okay not favorite character but my favorite role in the film because we really don’t see him at all in the first novel but they gave him a bigger role in the movie. Showing us what could have happened with him behind the scenes. But even with a few scenes, Donald Sutherland, was able to show us so much about how this man thinks and what makes him tick. They did a great job casting him in this role because he is one of the few actors I think who could have given us so much and helped set the stage for this important character.

I will say that the screenwriters did a good job at projecting the essence of the overall story into this movie. There is a scene in the film that I believe give us a hint of the next two films and did not happen until then. And I do hope the next two books do make it to the screen and this film doesn’t fizzle out like some of the other series have once they made it to the box office – Lemony Snicket and Eragon. I want to see who they cast in the future movies for certain roles. Can’t you see Meryl Streep as President Coin?

I think fans of the book will be happy with the movie, it gives you more to talk about when discussing the story. It makes you double think some of the things that you thought were important to the novels but maybe they really aren’t. And I think people who go see it may be slightly confused at certain points but will enjoy the movie as well. I wouldn’t take younger children to see it and I think any parents who let their kids see it, should see it themselves and use it as a starting point to a deeper discussion on humanity and how wrong it can go. We have many examples from the past but sometimes a fictional story can help explain the darkness in our own reality.

Now on a side note: Before I had a chance to read the novels, I read a lot of reviews and there were a lot of people aghast at the idea that anyone would think that this was a good idea for a novel for teenagers, tweens or anyone to read. How dark they were and how can they dare make this into a movie?! But in many ways, this is not a new story to us. Even I made the comparison to Battle Royale before I picked up the books. Or even the short story I think everyone I have ever met has read The Lottery. But Collins took this basic plot and made her own story of it. Yes, the idea of killing children for the entertainment or as tribute is something many people could not fathom but in many ways, death as entertainment is not anything new. While not real, just as The Hunger Games is not really real, how many horror films center around teenagers being ganked by some faceless serial killer? In many ways the story of The Hunger Games reminds me of a future despotism society’s version of the Gladiator games. We saw a similar story with The Running Man. This not anything that is new. Yes, it is a horrific idea but death as entertainment is not something we made up recently. Think about how people used to go to hangings for entertainment. I stated it a little bit ago that I think this story is a great thing for a parent to use to sit down and talk to their children. Maybe one day I will use it as well when my son gets older.

The Way…

I don’t do many personal blogs anymore just because it seems with everything else going on in my life – baby, husband, school and writing – that sitting down and writing a blog about some random topic just seems to never happen. Especially since my child likes to play with my computer if I have it open. But I am sitting here working on some homework and watching a new movie by Emilio Estevez called “The Way”  which stars his father Martin Sheen. I had never heard of it before and while it was filmed in 2010, it only recently came to OnDemand in the past month or so. I had been seeing trailers for it and wasn’t too sure I wanted to watch it, I mean there are so many other big blockbusters to watch. But today, I decided to put it on just to see what it was about and I will say I am glad that I did.

Not only was I pleasantly surprised by the soft, rolling story that had me in tears from the beginning to the end. But also because in our movie world today its all about the big blockbuster, how shiny and graphic filled it is, that it has to be a major blockbuster with big names in it. While yes it does have Martin Sheen in it, one of the bigger names in Hollywood, you know he did this for the love of his son and you can see this. Emilio plays his fathers son in the movie – literally. It is always nice to see these two working together on the screen. Their dynamic is different then when we see Martin with Charlie on screen. Their moments together are very few and far in between but each time they happen it is meaningful.

I do not want to give too much away but the blurb on states:

A father heads overseas to recover the body of his estranged son who died while traveling the “El Camino de Santiago,” and decides to take the pilgrimage himself.

And it is that simple… a man loses his son and decides to take the journey his son could not make. Now, if you have never heard of the El Camino de Santiago, it is basically a pilgrimage taken by thousands each year from various starting point to the Santiago Cathedral in Spain. It is also called The Way, hence the title, or the Pilgrimage of St James. And it is a pilgrimage people have been taking for thousands of years. I won’t go too much into it, you can easily find out more about it by doing a simple google search where you will get thousands of hits from companies that take you one it, guides, personal stories, photos, histories and more. But first and foremost it is a spiritual journey in all ways.

This is a film about the journey of Tom, his son and those that Tom meets on his way… his reluctant journey mates who all come with their own baggage and desires and pain. It is a personal journey, a spiritual journey and about becoming someone he never believed he could be.

I wanted to write about it because by the time the movie end, it made me want to do something. Not walk the El Camino because I am unsure if I could physically do it right now but to express my enjoyment of the film. Is it an Oscar winner… no but it was a beautiful, moving movie that has made its Way onto my list of must see films for those I care about. Yes, there is a religious aspect to the film because of the fact that its a Pilgrimage but the main part of the story is about a man finding himself and coming to peace with the loss of his only child. We don’t see these movies enough and if they are out there we do not hear of them very often. Its hard to hear their quiet musings through the loud explosions that take over most of our movie outings.

I will say this, I have found that this type of film – a tight story with a small focused group telling it is a specialty of Emilio Estevez as a writer and director. He hasn’t directed a huge amount but I always enjoy it when he does because you can see the love he puts into it.

So in the end I will say… watch the movie and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Dear Hollywood…

Dear Hollywood Movie Makers,

So… we have come to the end of another “stellar” year of movies! Can you read the sarcasm in that statement? If you didn’t … then at least you are now aware that it was a sarcastic comment. I am writing you to make a request, okay several request, for the coming movie making years. Why am I doing this? Mainly because I am tired of the same crap and getting bored of walking out of the theaters dissatisfied with what I shell out my hard-earned money for.

Request #1 Can you please quit over marketing your films! Especially the big blockbusters like Avatar and any number of big action flicks… especially when they end up being boring because we have already seen the entire movie in trailers, product tie ins, myspace advertisements, etc. I am giving you money to already see a movie that I know all the big parts in? If your movie is really good it will sell itself. I want to see a movie in whole and not be tired of it before it is even out on the screen. This weakens my desire (and others that I know of) to even go see the movie yet alone enjoy it. I can understand that for some producers out there – they may not give a shit whether I enjoy the film as long as you get my money. This lets the world know that you are not movie makers but just cash cows. You don’t care about the film itself or the quality just that you get money to line your pockets. I know many of you learned that market tie ins like shampoo with movie characters on them et al at the altar of George Lucas (I do adore his films, well except for Howard the Dock, but he is the king of product tie-ins IMHO) it gets boring and take away from the magic of the movie itself.

Request #2 Throwing big names together in a romantic comedy does not a hit make. One of the worst rom-coms of the year was “The Ugly Truth” which made me feel that who ever cast it just looked at two actors they wanted and cast them. Not once having them meet in person and didn’t think of the chemistry that is needed to make a good rom-com. Richard Dreyfus and Nia Vardalos had more sexual chemistry. There were a few others over the years that were boring as hell for the same reason. On this note – while I love Amy Adams and she is the new Meg Ryan, please don’t over use her or she may lose her rom-com magic.

Request #3 Please get off the bandwagon of comic book movies – not every comic book needs to be made into a film. As we learned when we watched Daredevil and Elektra. And on that end of things – if you are going to make a movie from the comic quit screwing with the story and trying to make it more… more… more whatever the hell you call it when you mess up the storyline. And making new comics to tie into the movie so that your new cool storyline is now canon is idiotic. I went to see Wolverine to see the Wolverine story, instead of what I remember reading I got a whole new story of blah blah blah… AND! Too many villains means a bad movie. Come on! Spiderman 3 didn’t need 3 villains. Keep to one and focus on that damned story instead of a gazillion other ones and then we get BORED and confused and frustrated and want to write nasty letters online.

Request #4 When you translate a beloved book from the written word onto the screen please, please, please, please try to keep the soul of the book and/or story intact! Lord of the Rings is an amazing movie and they changed parts of it and moved things around but they KEPT the soul of the story alive which why the movies kicked ass and still do! Hire a writer or writers to translate the work who love the original work and don’t mess it up just to make their vision more important then the original.

Request #5 Take a lesson from the past, sometimes a simple story is better than a gigantic movie blockbuster… ie – Marty, made to be a tax right off and ended up winning oscars because it was a GOOD story!

Request #6 quit with the constant movie remakes! Yes, retelling the story of Dracula and the Wolfman over and over is good BUT retelling the story of Texas Chainsaw Massacre as a shot by shot remake… kinda boring. The original was good, it didn’t need to be remade. Oh and neither did Halloween with the whole new origin story. Nor do we need a remake of the following: Karate Kid, Bill & Ted, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Top Gun, etc etc etc… Star Trek did it well – told the beginning BUT with the twist of a new timeline then the original Star Trek so they can start all over again. And that movie showed that unknowns are sometimes better than getting a known actor for a lead. And taking chances – never thought Simon Pegg would be a perfect Scotty but he was! Oh, and I am still waiting for my remake of Clan of the Cave Bear… hello!? Sometimes the remakes are better but most of the time they are just pale imitations – like the Bad News Bears. Can you tell this is a sore point with me? Take a poll online and see how many people really want that remake of Nightmare on Elm Street?

Request #7 Please cut back on the number of movies you release and make better films instead. I only have so much time and money, as I am sure many others do, and would like to see more better films then a bunch of crap that I regret. Not every movie will be good just because you throw a bunch of money at it… most of the time it will still be crap.

Request #8 When you make zombie movies… can we have some realism please! Its zombieland! With 4 humans left roaming the US and they only come across a handful of zombies as they go from Texas to California? And let alone get to LA and there are only several dozens who attack the amusement park? In one of the most highly populated areas in the country?! Driving thru downtown LA and there are 2 or 3 zombies wandering around? Is this Zombieland or Zombie Small Town? Get James Gunn and throw money at him to write another  zombie movie like Dawn of the Dead… now that was a GOOD zombie flick!

I could keep going but I have a life to lead and a plane to catch. Just please Hollywood… I miss good movies. I miss summers when there were multiple big blockbusters that were big not just because you sold it well but because the movie was actually good. I want real story tellers telling movies not just going where the money is… you have to look at some of the smaller budget or the miracle movies that made it big in years past. No body wanted to try to sell a movie about a farm boy on a distant planet  but they took a chance and it paid out or believed in a movie like Marty was something anyone would want to see and it is still beloved today or that a 3 person film (including the director) that cost $11,000 would top the movies of the year or that a film school drop out from New Jersey would have a successful movie franchise because he made a movie he wanted to make or that … I could continue … I miss the Hollywood of Dreams and wish it was back instead of the Hollywood of Fads we seem to have today.

Or maybe I am completely alone on this?

I do want to add a quick thank you to those directors that follow their visions and go for it. Ignoring what may or may not be popular at the time but telling the stories they truly love for the sake of the story not the sake of just what comes into the box office. You make me continue to go to movies and hope for a better future of movies with souls like yours. I will not name names because people know who they are… You keep it alive. Thank you! This letter is not directed at you but those who only seem to care about the money.

The Clone Wars…

There are spoilers to the movie in this blog review.
If you do not want to know anymore do not continue.


As I stated a few weeks back in my Flame Wars Begin blog post that I would have a review of the movie up today. So, here we are. I saw The Clone Wars movie last night and I have to say I enjoyed it. But I can see why many people are ragging on it. This is not the Star Wars movie we are used to. No big movie scroll at the beginning. The music is slightly different even the Star Wars theme. But I can see why there are changes, this is meant to be a precursor to the TV show starting on September 1st.

Is it worth a watch, yes. Is it worth full price night costs – not 100% sure on that. There are a lot of laughs, inside jokes, jawas, and some annoyances. But it is aimed for young kids not adults. My friends children that were at the movies last night loved it. Its not what adults are looking for. I know some people who hated it. And you would if you go in expecting to see a Star Wars movie not a kids cartoon movie.

On the side note, one of the main things critics and people are complaigning about is Ziro the Hutt, Jabba’s uncle. Why? Because it seems he is a crossdresser. Unfortunatly, due to the lack of explaination of this in the story line – Hutts are hermaphodites/asexual beings. You know like slugs. They can change sexes and usually still get referenced as male unless they are pregnant. This is not a generally known part of the Hutts but now you do. They actually talk about this in the Han Solo Trilogy when Han starts to work for Jabba.

There is one aspect I did not like of the movie and that was Anakin’s padaway Ashoko Tano. She annoyed me just a tad – like most people’s Jar Jar annoyance levels. I don’t know but I just wanted to reach into the screen and smack her. Maybe it doesn’t help that I don’t want to like her because you know she is probably going to die at some point in the cartoon. But I was able to ignore her enough to enjoy the movie. I loved the droids and I loved all the Jawa love.

The voicework was great. You can tell that the voices of Obi-Wan and Anakin are not the voices of Ewan and Hayden but little surprises Sam Jackson, Anthony Daniels and Christopher Lee reprise their roles in the movie. Which I loved. The woman who does Padme (Catherine Taber) – even cooler, she sounds A LOT like Natalie Portman and I look forward to hearing her play her own daughter in The Force Unleashed Game where she voices Princess Leia.

So, the rundown – its a great precourser to the tv show. Just go to it remembering that its a kids movie and while parts may not be the liking, that this is a different side of Star Wars. But from what I hear – if you don’t want to see the movie cause its kids, read the book by Karen Traviss. I’m picking mine up tonight on my way home. Its on sale at Borders! Yeah!!

Stop the Remake!

Okay, so MTV in its infinite wisdom has decided that the classic movie “Rocky Horror Picture Show” just isn’t good enough anymore and is in desperate need of a MTV make over so they are remaking it.

But at least someone is stepping up and trying to stop the remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show which has run uninterrupted for over 30 years now I believe. Its a classic. Going to it is an experience within itself and I am sorry but MTV you suck nowadays. All you are is crappy non-reality shows and even your hour of music on Friday night is more talk-show and look at me then videos. I remember MTV when it was Music Television and not a pandering freak show who gives the world LC and whoever the hell is on that non-reality show called The Hills… Stay away from the Rocky Horror Picture Show cause I swear all I can see if your Hills Cast playing the characters.
So, if you enjoy classics and LOVE the true Rocky Horror Picture Show go here: and sign the petition to stop this travesty.

Stop the Remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

And pass on the word!!!

Frakking A!!! This is getting ridiculous. I feel like my memories and childhood are being attacked. They remade Halloween – a classic perfect horror film that didn’t need to be touched. But oh no… someone thought they could do better and I think it bombed. They are remaking Nightmare on Elm Street WITHOUT Robert Eugland! Hello! He is Freddie… no one could replace Freddie by Robert! He is the stuff of my nightmares. I lost sleep over him and they don’t need to remake it and change the story. At least with Texas Chainsaw Massacre they kept the original story.

But seriously, can Hollywood just stop! I don’t want to see a new version of anymore I already love like the above or the Birds, hell I even like the original Red Sonja – at least the last actress looked like she could kick someones ass not suck it. Sorry Rose – I like you but you aren’t a warrior woman… if anything at least get a tan. Cause women who run around in metal bikinis and are amazonian types don’t look like they stayed inside for their entire life. And start working out now.

Damnit! I was having a good night until this… thanks for letting me rant

The Other Boylen Girl DVD

Well, I finally got a chance to see the big screen adaptation of The Other Boylen Girl by Phillipa Gregory. I can’t help but wonder, why did they even try. Obviously this is not an adaptation but a movie influenced by. Kinda like, I read this book and I will write this movie that inspired me to do it but leave out everything but maybe just a slight essence of the story. I mean heck, they didn’t have to be influenced by the book or say it was an adaptation since the rumors of Mary and King Henry VIII are rumors that have been flying around since they were alive and both at court.

Now, the first thing that got me was, while I enjoy Eric Bana, how can you not even try to make the actor protraying one of the most infamous kings in the history of the world look like him! I mean come on!! Its not like its possible he may of had dark brown hair and brown eyes! There are portraits of him.

But the movie was just a jumbled mess and I can’t even put into my words how bad it was. So, I will just say don’t bother watching it. Watch the BBC version instead.

The Dark Knight… a Bright Light?

I went last night to see “The Dark Knight” the latest installment in the new Batman series and what can I say? It blew me out of the water for the most part. I was aware of this when I went into the theaters of course. How could it not be?

The following is my review of The Dark Knight, there will be some spoilers – if you do not wish to be spoiled, do not keep reading.

You have Christian Bale – one of the industries secret gems until a few years ago. Who while he may pick some questionable roles to play on the screen, always gives a stellar performance. In truth, I think Steven Speilberg was genius and psychic when he picked this young actor to be the main character in Empire of the Sun. Alone, mysterious and intense from the beginning. Then you add in Heath Ledger, another gem of the industry but not so secret. He rampaged onto the US movie scene with his teen romance flick – 10 Things I Hate About You (one of my fav mind candy movies) and into the hearts of teenage girls in America.

Both of these actors have a precesnce of the screen that is undenable when they are seperated. Bring them together and its a rocky roller coaster you can’t look away from. Especially when they are playing against each other.

“You Complete Me”
While I watched the movie I could not help but realize, the best scenes in the movie were when these two were on the screen together. Fighting one another. Being the two sides of a coin (oh! Maybe there was another reason to bring that 2nd villian into the movie… hum, smart Mr. Nolan very smart). The director was smart that most of the time when they were on the screen together – no one else was present. It was smart because anyone else who happened to be there seemed to lack where the other two shined. I think they brought out the best in each other as much as the Joker and the Batman bring the worst out of each other.

“Question First, Agree Later”
I was kind of doubtful when Ledger was first cast. Could he handle the Joker? The character, as my mom so kindly put it is the opitime of evil and insanity. So, when he was announced I sat down and re watched every Ledger movie I could think of. And they were right. Last night confirmed it. Heath Ledger was the Joker in this movie. Where he was solemn and stoic in Brokeback Mountain – he was the complete opposite as the Joker. You could see the joy in his eyes when the Joker set Gotham on their toes during the film. Not because he was Heath during this time but he was truly the Joker. Or at least he made me believe it and I could not help but shed a few tears that he is gone.

And for me, it was one of the best performances by Ledger to date and if the Oscars will finally recognize the honesty in comic book movies and the acting that is in them… Ledger will once again be nominated for an Oscar for his performance in a film.

“The Toss of a Coin”
I mentioned earlier about Nolan using a second villain to be tied into the epic story of the Joker and Batman. For those versed in the comic book world, its widely known that without the Batman, there is no Joker. And without the Joker, there is no Batman. They are equals on the opposite ends of the spectrum. Just as Lex Luther is as smart as Superman is strong to balance the hero with his nemesis. Thus you have the Joker to the Batman… One wants order and justice, the other the complete opposite. Both seemingly the opposite sides of one coin. And they both consider Gotham their city.

I found it interesting that the extra villan that Nolan thru into the mix is the one Batman villain who stands in the middle of the Joker and Batman. Two Face.. now, I love the character of Two Face, he is one of my favourite villains and I always wondered why and now I understand a little bit more then why. Here is a man who starts out in the Batman saga as the shining beacon of hope for Gotham City. The unmasked man who can bring true justice for its citizens without fear. Only to be turned into what he hates. Constantly at odds with himself. Making his own destiny or chance with a flip of a coin. And with that same coin choosing the fate of those he hates and his enemies. There is something balanced with his character. And he is a wonderful tool in this film.

But what about the actor who portrays him in The Dark Knight? Aaron Eckhart? Does he pull it off? Yes, yes he does. Brilliantly. He plays the dashing, charming DA who has no fear when he faces evil very well. And you can slowly see him breaking down and starting to show his other side as the movie progresses. His trust in those that are on his side but his inability to trust their choices. In short – forget the horrible Tommy Lee Jones portrayal of Two Face. He was a facade of what Two Face truly is… where as Nolan brought out a true insanity to the role that wasn’t cheesy and goofy. But dark and full of rage.

“The Bad?”
Everyone else that is cast in The Dark Knight that plays an important role in Batman’s life were the same as always. Amazing actors whose lifetime and body of work can only show how amazing they really are. Except for Maggie Gyllenhaal. I usually like her work, she is a very talented actress but she has the unfortunate job of working on a film surrounded by some of the top actors in the industry. In ways she shines, in others she doesn’t so much. Remember earlier when I mentioned that having Bale and Ledger on the screen together at the same time diminishes everyone else. This is what I am talking about. Amazing actress but diminished by the abilities of the men on screen with her at times. She was still wonderful in the role of Rachel Dawes. Making you happy they recast it from Katie Holmes.

“The End of the Beginning”
In conclusion this is the movie of the summer. And that is saying something. With all the amazingly well done movies coming out these past few months and more coming up. This is the shining star of the summer. Rising higher then all the other stars and not just because of people’s morbid curiosity on Ledger’s last full movie role. But because this movie has surpassed the first one. You are prepared for the next movie the moment this one ends and you want it to be out as soon as possible to continue on with the saga of one the comic industries greatest heroes and one its greatest villains. But I do not know who they will get to replace the irreplaceable Ledger. All I know is he has HUGE shoes to fill and even then they may not make the grade.

So, get off the computer and go see it again. I’ll see you there just as soon as I can get the kink out of my next from sitting in the front row of the theater (which didn’t ruin the movie in anyway).