This Site…?

While this site has been around for years now and has gone from random posts, posts about costuming, as well as weight loss. It has become a little more centered on my writing and life as mom/student (we will probably get back to the weight loss real soon – hopefully). I do not take myself very seriously, as you can tell from the following interview I did years ago and was putting the site together because I could not figure anything else to say on the About page. A majority of my posts are written in the free-writing format, so please do not point out grammar or spelling errors. I attempt to catch them when I can but I do make quite a few of them and can not always keep up.

While reading about my writing you will see that I am working on a Young Adult book, hopefully the first in a series of them. Which did surprise me because I always felt like I would be more horror or sci-fi… of course what is more horrify then trying to survive being a teenager?

BTW, I am still not giving up my real name :p

(My past interview with myself)

Varza is a stupid name, why are you called that?
Actually its not a stupid name, its a pretty common last name in Romania. Its also means cabbage in Romanian and I love cabbage. I think it smells interesting when its cooked. Yummy!

But thats not your real name, so why are you called that?
Its my nickname and the name I am writing under to protect my privacy. Its the name my friends call me as well.

Can I find out your real…. enough about my name lets talk about something else.

So this is your website?
Yep, pretty ain’t it. I made the banner! Ain’t it cool!

Maybe, so whats it about?
Me, duh why do you think its called Varza-land?

You have no imagination?
Pretty much and it sounds funny.

I guess so. So whats this place about?
Well… me, my likes, dislikes, ramblings, crap I do in my spare time, etc. Actually, that is what it used to be about. Mainly this is now a blog about the changes that are going on with my soul, body and mind. Its been a changing life lately and this is what the focus of this blog is now…

Okay, so nothing different then a majority of random blogs out there?
Isn’t that what a blog/personal site is about.

This is stupid…
I agree, lets talk about something else. Having a conversation with yourself is better left to private time anyways.

A Quick Run Down of Who “Varza” Is

This is much more difficult then you think it would be. I am a pretty vocal person and opinionated. I like to have deep serious conversations and I suck at small talk, which doesn’t work well in retail but I get by. I love my family very much and hope they love me in return. The most precious person in my life is my nephew – I never knew you could love someone so deeply until the day he was born… and he was born on the other side of the world. But you can feel it in your heart when it happens. It just suddenly feels larger.

Lets see, basics – I love to travel and I travel as much as I can, even if its for a long weekend in another part of the country. I would really love to see the world. But as of right now the most magical place in the world to me is Inverness Scotland. I do not know why but I remember my time there as being absolutely wonderful and since I have been there, I have wanted to go back and live there for a few years. Hopefully it will happen. I will recommend to anyone I know that they should take time to travel where ever in the world they can while they are still young. Use hostels – you meet some wonderful people there. I don’t really mind traveling alone, its a completely different experience then when you travel with someone else or a group of people. Main places left on my list to go to: Ireland, Germany, Africa, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Italy and Greece. You can find out more about my interests on this topic on my travel page.

Another basic – books. As you can tell by my side bar I kinda enjoy reading. Even as a child to today – I feel weird if I go too long without reading something. Movies – same way. One of the reasons I enjoy these things is that you can talk about them intensely and they don’t get boring. Read the same book as a friend, sit down and just discuss the books. So much fun! Another reason my degree is Literature

Now the big question everyone always seems to ask. Am I single? Yes, and have no plans in the near future of not being single. Not that I don’t want a relationship its just I am not in a place right now to have one. I am working on myself and in truth I wouldn’t be the best significant other at the moment. But I am always looking cause you never know. Do I have any idea of what I want in a mate? A bit – most girls do since they are kids. I won’t go into details though – I am not ready to have that out there in the universe yet. I am married – happily for a few years now. Lucky me married someone who was already my best friend and was just waiting for me to wake up.

Some of Varza’s Basic Info
35 36 37 38
Height 5’9″
Weight – yeah, like I am gonna post that here
City of Residence: Colorado
Relationship Status: married – woot!
Favourite Food: Cheese
Favourite Drink: Milk
Eyes: Green-Blue
Hair: Blond-Brown
Pets: noon
Favourite Place: Inverness Scotland

Dream Vacations: 3 Month tour of Italy, Ireland, Russia and Romania. I want to see Dracula’s castle, have authentic Italian food in a small Italian village, go to St. Petersburg, rent a cabin/house in Ireland and more. There is no such thing as too many vacations. I work to live, I don’t live to work.

My Bucket List aka things to do before I die!

  • Finally meet George and thank him for everything he has given me
  • Fall in love, get married, maybe have a kid or two
  • Write a novel – and sell it then maybe write another
  • Live life as best as I can…
  • Learn to meditate without falling asleep
  • I want to eat at a Bobby Flay resturant….
  • And conquer my fear of heights the best I can
  • Learn to scuba dive
  • Get my slytherin student costume finished.
  • Get down to my goal weight, and stay there.
  • Buy and own a real Chanel couture purse.
  • Attend the Oscars!
  • Own my own successful company
  • Go to Russia
  • Take 6 months and eat my way thru Italy
  • Go to Africa and go on a camping safari
  • Move to Inverness and live there for no less then a year
  • Travel to Greece and take a yacht tour of the islands
  • Go back to Hawaii for a month
  • Munich during Oktoberfest.
  • Travel to Ireland – County Cork and make it to the Isle of Bute
  • Travel to Romania – visit Draculas Castle – the real one and the home of Elizabeth Bathory
  • Make it to Devil’s Tower and eat at the nearest resturant, order mashpotatos and make a replica at it while saying – there is something to this! the entire time
  • Have enough money to buy an RV and drive all over the Americas while writing a travel book about the adventures…
  • stay at least one night in the following locations: Stanley Hotel, Queen Mary, El Coronado Hotel and a haunted castle somewhere in the isles.
  • Travel to Salem, MA
  • Go to New Orleans on Halloween and attend the Vamprie Masqurade.

That is pretty much the basics of me – more on my actual pages.