No Checkie ID?

Nope… I went and voted today and they did not check my ID nor the person before and not the person after me. Surprised? I sure the hell was… And a little upset. I actually have looked up the county clerks office and have plans to call them tomorrow and complain. I mean, its not like I am well known. I had to vote 40 minutes away from where I live and its a small area but still. You do not, not check someone’s ID when voting. I mean a hour later I had to show my ID to pick up a book I ordered at Borders! I guess the book is more importnat then my vote? I actually had my ID out and was going to show the woman and she told me “oh, we don’t need to see that. Just find your name on the list.”

So, to say the least I am very very disappointed about this. Not much I can do. I voted – and I won’t say who because… I don’t know why. But other then that I am good to go and I reregistered after the fact to vote in Albuquerque next times instead of Edgewood.

But now, I am going to ignore politics for the rest of the evening until I can’t anymore. I am heading to the movies and a bite to eat after the fact. To relax and be happy that I won’t have to watch the fear spewed out by the republican party for another few years… yeah – that pissed me off to no end. I have absolutly no respect for someone who uses fear against someone. A government should fear its people not the other way around… and we are now a country that is starting to fear is government. I don’t like that America. Where’s my mask?

3 thoughts on “No Checkie ID?

  1. Nope, no one checked my I.D. either, but they did have a form with my electronic signature from when I registered on it that I had to sign so they did verify that my signature matched that. It’s probably different in each state. I agree, it is alarming that you weren’t I.D.’d in any way!

  2. Hi Varza!

    Fitful Whisper from ECfans here… I am deeply apalled that you weren’t asked for ID. Take a look at Irene(?)’s post in the HZ…seems she voted for a candidate she never intended to vote for.

    The stories of election c***-ups going on are unbelievable. How are other, developed countries able to have mostly hitch-free elections and we can’t?? Hmm.

    Oh, btw, can I add you to my read list at my blog?


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