No Checkie ID?

Nope… I went and voted today and they did not check my ID nor the person before and not the person after me. Surprised? I sure the hell was… And a little upset. I actually have looked up the county clerks office and have plans to call them tomorrow and complain. I mean, its not like I am well known. I had to vote 40 minutes away from where I live and its a small area but still. You do not, not check someone’s ID when voting. I mean a hour later I had to show my ID to pick up a book I ordered at Borders! I guess the book is more importnat then my vote? I actually had my ID out and was going to show the woman and she told me “oh, we don’t need to see that. Just find your name on the list.”

So, to say the least I am very very disappointed about this. Not much I can do. I voted – and I won’t say who because… I don’t know why. But other then that I am good to go and I reregistered after the fact to vote in Albuquerque next times instead of Edgewood.

But now, I am going to ignore politics for the rest of the evening until I can’t anymore. I am heading to the movies and a bite to eat after the fact. To relax and be happy that I won’t have to watch the fear spewed out by the republican party for another few years… yeah – that pissed me off to no end. I have absolutly no respect for someone who uses fear against someone. A government should fear its people not the other way around… and we are now a country that is starting to fear is government. I don’t like that America. Where’s my mask?

Where is my candidate?

Seriously! Where is my candidate? Where is a person I am willing to vote in as President. Cause right now, there isn’t one. Because it seems that in America you are either an extreme one way or another. I consider myself a Democrat not a Republican. I have grown up with a Republican party that hates the people – at least in my opinion – unless you are rich.  Why? Well, I didn’t grow up rich – both my parents worked long hours to give my brother and myself everything we hand. We didn’t know the difference. I began recognizing the affect of humans on the world around us when I was like 6 or 7, when the woods I played in behind our house were suddenly torn down for office buildings. So, I did the most logical thing – I wrote the then President Regan and spoke about my desire to help the environment and that I thought it was important for the government to help make sure that we didn’t loose our forests. What did I get back? A form letter and a book on the Presidents. Yeah!! I was ecstatic, cause I was 6! And I got something back…. sometime later a young rich girl from Connecticut wrote a similar letter and made it on the news and was recognized publicly by Regan as being insightful. I burned my letter but I still have the book.

I have always followed politics since 1980 when I watched Regan and Carter shake hands as the change over was made. It fascinated me and I was only 5. I took my first election very seriously in 1996 when I voted in my first Presidental election. Unfortunatly, it also was the first time I relized that those in power weren’t always right. I voted for Perot. Yes, I voted Perot. In fact, I have yet to vote for a main party politican. Why? Because I haven’t cared for them or I was so sure Gore would be elected I would take the chance and vote for Nader in hopes that we may finally get a recognized third party that would be able to attend debates. Now, don’t get mad at me – I lived in California at the time. Gore took California with a good lead, no Florida debacle there. I didn’t vote for Kerry – and he lost way before New Mexico even called in their final tally.I would not ever vote for a Bush, I disliked and distrusted him since the first time I read an interview with him in George magazine in 1999. He is an evil evil man who uses religion as a weapon… I hate him and I don’t hate easily.

Here is why I am aggravated… I am a moderate. I am not a liberal, I am not a conservative. And those are our two choices anymore. Extremely liberal or extremely conservative. No moderation. Extreme in any direction is NEVER good in my opinion. You have to be able to see both sides and realize that sometimes you have to bend. No one in government seems to want to bend.

But there are so many issues to consider and neither main canidate makes me want to vote for them. The hatred that rolls off the tongues of everyone involved on both sides make me nausea’s. And I am not kidding or being sarcastic. I tried to watch both conventions on tv and was disgusted with it.

I want someone in office to speak for me. Who isn’t full of hate and isn’t full of one extreme or the other or full of shit. Someone who is honest and isn’t going for office just because they want to be the Alpha Male of the USofA.

I have decided my course of action – I will not vote Republican or Democrat. I am voting for a third party again. Yes, whoever I vote for may not win but I will know that I had nothing to do with who is in office and I can spend the next four years wanting to know why our government hates our country so much and has so little respect for it, that they don’t even realize it. Its all about power – which party has the power… and then the people behind that party who start giggling. Like the frakking Christian Colation has for the past 20 years since they got Regan into office.  But I will also sleep well at night knowing that I didn’t vote some asshole into office.

Neither Obama nor McCain are good for this country – and their VPs are even worse in my opinion. In fact, Palin is the worst of them all… anyone who wants to destroy nature because its fun and will put money in their pocket makes me want to punch them in the face (she doesn’t care if people kill the endangered Wolves because who cares, right!). Woman to woman… hell, even her “Friends” won’t say they will vote for her during interviews. And I so tired of the sexist crap from the right now…  Read this blog post and see I agree with this guy pretty much 100% here.

McCain is a Bush lackey and Obama isn’t ready not prepared for the job.

Go ahead and bash me for my opinion. Seems that is all anyone wants to do anymore… I’m in a crappy ass mood.