I Bought Purple Nail Polish

Here are some random thoughts from my morning – I can’t think of a good blog:

  • Can I say something off the record please? Thanks… No one likes to be made to feel forgotten or un-special. Yep, no one… Heck even EMO kids want attention.
  • I want to be seen as pretty…
  • stupid wrist – quit hurting!
  • I miss wearing heeled boots
  • Heck, I miss wearing heels!
  • And I am tired of t-shirts… I wanna look like a girl again
  • Damnit – I am gonna go shopping tonight
  • I wonder if I should buy a tarot deck… I miss doing readings.
  • I miss writing poetry… even if it sucked
  • I like hats
  • Payless has some really CUTE hats on sale… yes I am shopping online right now.
  • I have some beautiful and wonderful people in my life
  • overly helpful people are annoying as hell… leave me alone!!
  • I need to get my dressers into my room and organzie! So i can buy more shit to fill them…
  • hum… I need to clean out my clothes again. How do they keep piling up?
  • i miss kisses
  • and yes I really did buy purple nail polish… its pretty…

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