Thanksgiving Musings

Okay, so I didn’t post yesturday like I said I would but I doubt very much it was a concern. Especially since yesturday was Thanksgiving and I would hope you would be with loved ones or alone, like I was, and stuffing your face with food, like I DEFINATLY was. So, I waited for today to post my thankful and thanksgiving musings.

I do have a lot to be thankful for, especially in the weird times we are living in. And I guess I can post them in a list of what I am thankful for:

  1. That I am alive, I am still thankful for that every single moment I take a breathe and even though at times I live in fear that it may, just may, be my last. I am thankful for that breathe. I was complaigning not long ago to my trainer and his said he thought him saying it could be worse, you could be dead would be too harsh. I told him just say that and it will hit me right where it needs to – because I could be dead.
  2. My family – my family has been thru a lot with me and still stood by my side. Even if I think at times they don’t really like me or trust my judgement (not that I blame them based on my past decisions) I do know that they love me. They would have to put up with all my bullshit. Then add in the seemingly unconditional love my newphew has for me and I for him, it makes me want to have kids. But shhhh, don’t tell my parents that they’ll be bugging more then usual.
  3. My friends – I don’t have a ton of them but the ones I do have, they are very very precious to me.
  4. Whoever taught me to read – thank you.
  5. George Lucas & Jean M. Auel – I have to give thanks to the creators….
  6. For Elvis existing and making music… just something about him isn’t there?
  7. Pumpkin Pie – which I didn’t eat growing up until a few years ago. Now I love the stupid stuff… yummy!
  8. Whatever wine I drank last night and the people who made it. DANG! I found a wine I actually like. Its gvuevstaral or something like that. Yummy

Okay, the last one not so much… but I can still taste it, and yes I have brushed my teeth several times over. Its just the memory of the taste. And I didn’t want to down it as quickly as possibly. Just wish it wasn’t so expensive, okay $15 isn’t expensive but it is to me when I would probably drink the entire thing in one sitting. Heck, I would drink it straight from the bottle – which I did!

But in all seriousness, my Thanksgiving was nice and relaxed as well as a bit insane. Why do I decide on days of relaxation to try and reorganize ALL My books? Because I’m crazy thats why. I was invited to other places since my folks were in Vegas with my brothers family but I am glad I stayed home. I cooked myself a small meal and it turned out pretty good. Then I sat and watched The Bourne Identity and tv for the rest of the day. I did attempt to workout twice – not so well but at least I got something in.

As for other thoughts, I don’t know – life is really good right now. I am getting ready to head back to school and I spent some time double checking my schedule to see if its what I want it to be and really, have no choice in the matter. I need to take certain classes and that is what I am doing. I wanted to write but let the tv absorb me in like a sponge. I don’t get a huge amount of days where I can do absoltuly nothing and get away with it without feeling any guilt. But in truth – I cooked a t-day dinner on my own. It wasn’t a lot but I still cooked it and had to clean up after myself. No one to share the load with. In fact, it was less lonely then I thought it would be.

I am at work today and I am sitting here listening to Christmas music and shopping for more workout videos. I have no clue why, just am. I booked my hotel for the night before the cruise for February. Hopefully my roommate will like it because I can’t really cancel now. Plus its only for one night, I think we will live. Got a decent deal on it from Priceline. But that is it for now, since now I have to keep working on my Christmas shopping list. I think I am mostly done….

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