Blog Updates!

Just some quick updates on the site… I created two new pages under the Varza Who? section – Whats Going On? Which is and will be updated on a regular basis with the ever changing events in my life such as which book I am reading, just finished, movies I have seen, trips I am going on, etc… nothing exciting but a quick flash in the pan on what is going on in my life at this point in time. I am also adding a page called: Living in an ADD world!? this page is about the struggles, revalations, annoyance of having ADD in a world where, while it is over diagnoised, people who have it are treated pretty crappy… and there is some in there about living with dyslexia as well – which while mine is minor, it still effects my life pretty damned hard sometimes. This page will be about my past, present and future with living with these learning abilities (some on why I call it that as well).

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