The Sims 2: Apartment Life Expansion Pack

I have to admit, I am very very very very weak when it comes to the Sims in almost any and every format it comes in. I swore to myself that I wasn’t going to get anymore expansion packs because The Sims 3 is on its way and I need to save up to upgrade my computer so I can play that. As well as play Spore.

But I was weak, I went to the EA store last night and saw that the Apartment Life Expansion Pack was being released today… so I pre-ordered it. Which means when I get home tonight I get to download it and decide if I want to continue with the family I just started (I had to uninstall and reinstall everything about a month ago due to a huge malfunction) or start a new one in the new city that is coming with the expansion pack.

In either way, it should be fun to play and interesting. I really want to see what it would be like to play the apartments in the University area of The Sims 2 worlds. It would make it easier to have multiple sims in the same building yet not all in the same play area. I will let you know though.

I do have to hand it to EA though – they do listen to their players. If you go to their forums on and bring up your thoughts and ideas, they sometimes come to fruition. I know that the Apartments is something that many forum members wanted Apartments and there you go. I know a few years back I brought up my desire to see a sewing machine and get the ability to make the clothes you want instead of always having to go to the store then when Freetime came out – you could. It just takes you an entire lifetime to be able to do it. One of my characters has been sewing since she was a teen and still can’t make anything but potholders. Maybe when she graduates college?

Once I get the game going and play it over my long weekend off of work (was suppose to go to Dragon*Con) and I will let you know how it is.

Random Star Wars References – 1

I have been wanting to do this for awhile and just haven’t. Its odd and random when you come across a Star Wars reference in some way in the popular media and I thought it would be fun to start tracking it. Why? To really see how many odd references you can find just in your daily life of watching movies, tv, reading books etc… Today is the first one (I will do another post later on back tracking some of the ones I have found in the past):

The Holiday
What reference: Jack Black playing the piano for Kate Winslet and showing her a piece he had written, he plays the Star Wars theme. (At another point, he talks about the Jaws theme as well.) She doesn’t mention Star Wars just says its John Williams not him.

If you have any that you know of yourself – please post a comment and I will add them in another post as well. If this is good, I will make a page for it.

When I Meet You…

I have this odd problem. When I meet people online and on message boards, I seem to be a pretty open, happy, talkative person and then when I get a chance to meet them in person – I am the complete opposite and seemingly stand-off-ish. And I am. Why? I have no clue. I used to not be. I was a very social person back in the day when I am crazy and weird. Not that I have stopped being crazy and weird… I just only show that to people I know I can trust myself around.

Seriously, I just don’t know how to open up to anyone in person. I feel constantly judged and critiqued by people I meet. So, if you ever meet me in person and I barely say hello – I am not brushing you off. I just don’t know how to act around you or put myself out there. If I am not smiling its because its a defense mechanism to keep people at a distance not because I am an ogre or a bitch. Well, I am a bitch but not to the point where I don’t want to be friends with people.

In truth, there are people I have reached out to at conventions I have gone to only to rebuffed because I am not “cool enough” or they look at me and I guess don’t deem me acceptable in their terms of who their friends should be. I guess. And sadly, these are people I have talked to previously online and gotten along with. People whose work and personality I find intriguing to say the least. Then afterwards, when I try to talk to them – they completely ignore me. I guess whatever… maybe they have the same problem I do but they don’t seem to be that way with others.

I mean, I may not dress the way my personality would want me to for several reasons. The main being that I am uncomfortable in my own skin. I used to not be. Ask anyone who used to know me back in the day when I wore short shorts and crop tops. I would drive around in cut offs and a bikini top. I don’t anymore because well… I am a ton heavier then I used to be. I want to get back there one day. But we will see, I’m working on it. But even buying clothes that supposibly are sexy on bigger women, I don’t want to wear them. I am more comfortable in my ripped jeans and t-shirts then something that pushes my fat rolls into each other and makes me uncomfortable. Comfort is key, I don’t think I could ever wear a corset for this reason – the other being they make me nuaseus when I wear them. Don’t know why but I have the same thing happen if my bra is too tight. I just want to puke and then pass out. I don’t know how women wore them for so many years.

So, basically I am saying – if I meet you and I seem stand-off-ish, please still try and talk to me. It may take awhile for me to open up but in truth, I will. I just can’t talk small very well. I like to talk about something other then the weather. I just hope its worth the effort.

Home Update

This past Sunday my dad and I started back on the garage, I don’t have the pictures with me but we got a decent amount done. Not as much as we wanted to since we had to go to the store several times to pick up wall-board and some other items.

But I bought some OOPS paint from Home Depot in a lovely lime/light green that I will be using to paint the peg board and base boards we purchased – which are basic 1 x 3 x 16 Pine boards. Nothing fancy needed for the garage.

We ended up finishing one wall. We are due to finish the other side labor day weekend since I will have vacation time scheduled off and since I can not afford to go anywhere, I am staying home. So, instead of resting, I will be spending several days doing the following: putting up wallboard, painting and installing baseboards,painting and installing peg board along one wall, installing a attic fan in the front of my house to get rid of the hot air, installing instuallation on the ceiling, installing a new screen door I just purchased (more on that below), painting the garage and then MAYBE getting some rest. Yeah fun stuff!

As for organizing the garage – we will see how long it takes to do that. Once all the above is done we will be putting together some of the workbenches and cabinets I have stored away.

As I said earlier I will be installing a screendoor. Actually its a stormdoor with a lock on it so I can be a little more secure. I have been searching for the right one for several years now and just finalized a decision this past Sunday. I am getting a Full-View Stormdoor from Larson’s called Tradewinds in Earthtone Brown with the brushed nickel doorhandle. Its a bit off from my metal work outside which is a brown colour but I hate the gold plated colour and that was my only other choice. It wasn’t cheap since I had to pay about 40 bucks more for the colour I wanted, they only had white and almond in stock, but I think its worth it. Its glass is low enough that my cat can sit at the door and watch the world but unfortunatly, she can’t feel the air in her hair since the screen only is on the top of the door. But a great advantage to this is that the screen roles up into the top of the door, allowing me not to have to worry in the winter time of having to replace it to keep the cold out. Its pretty nice if I do say so myself. I am due to go pick it up within 14 days of purchase, so… September 1st? Or sometime that week. I can’t wait to be able to have some more freshair in my house and get a nice cross breeze.

I will post the pictures of the garage renovation later.

The Clone Wars…

There are spoilers to the movie in this blog review.
If you do not want to know anymore do not continue.


As I stated a few weeks back in my Flame Wars Begin blog post that I would have a review of the movie up today. So, here we are. I saw The Clone Wars movie last night and I have to say I enjoyed it. But I can see why many people are ragging on it. This is not the Star Wars movie we are used to. No big movie scroll at the beginning. The music is slightly different even the Star Wars theme. But I can see why there are changes, this is meant to be a precursor to the TV show starting on September 1st.

Is it worth a watch, yes. Is it worth full price night costs – not 100% sure on that. There are a lot of laughs, inside jokes, jawas, and some annoyances. But it is aimed for young kids not adults. My friends children that were at the movies last night loved it. Its not what adults are looking for. I know some people who hated it. And you would if you go in expecting to see a Star Wars movie not a kids cartoon movie.

On the side note, one of the main things critics and people are complaigning about is Ziro the Hutt, Jabba’s uncle. Why? Because it seems he is a crossdresser. Unfortunatly, due to the lack of explaination of this in the story line – Hutts are hermaphodites/asexual beings. You know like slugs. They can change sexes and usually still get referenced as male unless they are pregnant. This is not a generally known part of the Hutts but now you do. They actually talk about this in the Han Solo Trilogy when Han starts to work for Jabba.

There is one aspect I did not like of the movie and that was Anakin’s padaway Ashoko Tano. She annoyed me just a tad – like most people’s Jar Jar annoyance levels. I don’t know but I just wanted to reach into the screen and smack her. Maybe it doesn’t help that I don’t want to like her because you know she is probably going to die at some point in the cartoon. But I was able to ignore her enough to enjoy the movie. I loved the droids and I loved all the Jawa love.

The voicework was great. You can tell that the voices of Obi-Wan and Anakin are not the voices of Ewan and Hayden but little surprises Sam Jackson, Anthony Daniels and Christopher Lee reprise their roles in the movie. Which I loved. The woman who does Padme (Catherine Taber) – even cooler, she sounds A LOT like Natalie Portman and I look forward to hearing her play her own daughter in The Force Unleashed Game where she voices Princess Leia.

So, the rundown – its a great precourser to the tv show. Just go to it remembering that its a kids movie and while parts may not be the liking, that this is a different side of Star Wars. But from what I hear – if you don’t want to see the movie cause its kids, read the book by Karen Traviss. I’m picking mine up tonight on my way home. Its on sale at Borders! Yeah!!

Stop the Remake!

Okay, so MTV in its infinite wisdom has decided that the classic movie “Rocky Horror Picture Show” just isn’t good enough anymore and is in desperate need of a MTV make over so they are remaking it.

But at least someone is stepping up and trying to stop the remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show which has run uninterrupted for over 30 years now I believe. Its a classic. Going to it is an experience within itself and I am sorry but MTV you suck nowadays. All you are is crappy non-reality shows and even your hour of music on Friday night is more talk-show and look at me then videos. I remember MTV when it was Music Television and not a pandering freak show who gives the world LC and whoever the hell is on that non-reality show called The Hills… Stay away from the Rocky Horror Picture Show cause I swear all I can see if your Hills Cast playing the characters.
So, if you enjoy classics and LOVE the true Rocky Horror Picture Show go here: and sign the petition to stop this travesty.

Stop the Remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

And pass on the word!!!

Frakking A!!! This is getting ridiculous. I feel like my memories and childhood are being attacked. They remade Halloween – a classic perfect horror film that didn’t need to be touched. But oh no… someone thought they could do better and I think it bombed. They are remaking Nightmare on Elm Street WITHOUT Robert Eugland! Hello! He is Freddie… no one could replace Freddie by Robert! He is the stuff of my nightmares. I lost sleep over him and they don’t need to remake it and change the story. At least with Texas Chainsaw Massacre they kept the original story.

But seriously, can Hollywood just stop! I don’t want to see a new version of anymore I already love like the above or the Birds, hell I even like the original Red Sonja – at least the last actress looked like she could kick someones ass not suck it. Sorry Rose – I like you but you aren’t a warrior woman… if anything at least get a tan. Cause women who run around in metal bikinis and are amazonian types don’t look like they stayed inside for their entire life. And start working out now.

Damnit! I was having a good night until this… thanks for letting me rant

The Art of Dresden Calender

Okay, so if you happen to like The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher you may enjoy this: The Art of Dresden Calender. You can preorder now and will receive it in about a month or so…
Yeah Dresden!

BTW, if you have time look around the shop and check out the shirts. They have some hilarious shirts there.

Don’t Get Cocky Kid!

So, I have been watching the Olympics pretty much non-stop for the past several days and I can’t help but continue to notice a trend. Michael Phelps… thats pretty much it. Yeah, we won other metals but whatever Michael Phelps won another gold! Yeah!!! I have literally gotten to the point where I change the channel when the news team starts talking about him. Am I wrong for doing this? For being so damned bored of hearing Michael Phelps this, Michael Phelps that… And the sad thing, I think it may be a bit too much. I am happy he won so many golds in his Olympic career and I think he is an incredible swimmer but in truth, I feel horrible for his teammates – all the other Olympic atheletes out there.

Case in point – the 4 x 100 Freestyle Relay, did we hear how the first African American swimmer received a gold medal? No. Did we hear anymore about how amazing the guy who swam the last leg did? No, you hear how nice Phelps was to the French team. See, I can’t even remember anyone else’s name because every event in swimming has Phelps name attached to it. They will talk about any other swimmer for 30 seconds and then they start talking about Phelps.

He is a great, amazing athelete but he isn’t the only US Olympian out there. I want to hear about other atheletes some more, I want to hear more about the South Korean swimmer who won the first swimming medal ever for South Korea. Yeah, I know its not the US but frak! They had a little broadcast about Phelps winning gold earlier that evening and never even showed the medal ceremony for that event – and the US got the silver in it. Or bronze. I can’t remember. Or the US softball team or the 2nd women’s beach volleyball team… you know the ones who have lost some games in the past few years.

But here is the thing I am most worried about – this is going to put more stress on Phelps. The guy can’t even focus on his swimming. He wins a medal, gets out of the water, does the medal ceremony, does an interview and then gets about 10 – 20 minutes to warm up for the next event. Thankfully last night he they realized he may need more time to get ready and they didn’t bombard him with questions. Unfortunatly, you can see him tiring in the later events. Not being able to go as fast or swim as well as he normally does.

And now that he has beat the lifetime olympic gold medal record, he is focusing on breaking Mark Spints single Olympic gold medal record. As he does this, I have some words of wisdom for him from Han Solo, “Great Kid! Don’t Get Cocky!” Because cockiness is the Olympians kryptonite… just ask the French dudes you beat the other night.

501st Event: Albuquerque, United Blood Services Blood Drive Sept. 6, 08

The Dewback Ridge Squad (my squad) of the 501st Legion in Albuquerque New Mexico will be hosting a United Blood Services Blood Drive in a few weeks.

Date: Sat, September 6, 2008
Time: 10am – 2:30pm
Where: Angels & Saints: 11130 Lomas Blvd NE Suites F1, Albuquerque NM 87112

How do you sign up? Click on this link here and sign up! Or just show up. But warning there is a wait usually and appointments go first. So, help save a life and donate blood. Whole and Double Red donations are accepted.

All donors at this blood drive will be entered in a drawing for a $1,000 gas card.

Olympics Beijing 2008

I am not sure if any of you got a chance to watch the opening ceremonies of hte 2008 Olympics in Beijing or if you are boycotting it like many others. But it was absolutly magnificent to watch. I have seen every opening ceremonies since I can remember for both the summer and winter games and I have to say, this is probably the best yet. From the dancers to the drummers to the creation of a large piece of artwork created by the artists in the artistic portion as well as every athelete that attended last night.

It was beautiful to watch China embrace its history as well as its future in the performance. And while I know many people have problems with China – I do to – I couldn’t help but be moved by it. This is one the oldest cultures in the world that is still a major player. They existed as China for over 5,000 years. And to see where it has come from and that they want to change from being closed off from the world… remember up into the 70s the modern era of China did not have any contact with the outside world really. But I am not one to say anything. I grew up with our country having relations with China.

But I am looking forward to watching the Olympics this year. There is something magical about it this time around. I do not know what it is. Maybe it was the magic that was envoked last night during the show. The realization that the one flag almost every country on the planet honors is the Olympic flag. Its a symbol of unity, change, diversity and peace. One can only hope that during these times of war, when there is no longer the call for peace of arms during the Olympics that idea can permentate the psyche of the citizens of the world. And realize, as so well said in the opening ceremonies – that it takes many to make a single person great.

From the Big Picture

But for me it was finished with one of the most moving stories of young, Lin Hao who at 9 years old survived the earthquakes a few months ago and dug himself out the rubble of his school. Then went in after he came out and saved two of his friends. Why? Because he said, it was his job. He was a class leader. I don’t know why but that story just moves me to tears.

But the games begin today and I am sitting at work with the TV on watching beach volleyball and just watched the medal ceremony for the Fencing which was won by the US… our first medal. Hopefully, one of many this summer.