Sims 2: Apartment Life – Update

So, after spending a few evenings trying to get my computer to work properly with the new expansion pack (looks like I needed the latest driver for my card) and for some reason it kept crashing on me as well. I finally got a chance to play the new expansion and I have to say, I am liking it. I also figured out why I was crashing – the apartment heater grate thing. Every time I would put in a house, the game would freak out.

I recently move my main family – the Donii’s – into a split home with their youngest son who just left for college. And the two oldest children – Jonayla and Durc – have finally finished college. Jonayla is living in a loft with her now husband and is preggers. Durc just moved in with his finance in a condo down the street.

But the best thing I like, is the clothing. I love the new furniture as well. Great themes, I just wish there was a bed with the Socilite theme and the Gearhead themes. And one other thing – you can’t really hold a wedding in your apartment. It doesn’t work too well and there isn’t really enough space to have it. Maybe they need to make a wedding chapel for the Sim world.