They Can All Suck Eggs…

…and that’s MY phrase of the day. Everyone – okay not everyone. Just Delta airlines and my boobies (or the ladies as my trainer calls them). Here are my two stories:

I do not like carrying on my luggage to a flight. I don’t want to deal with it or anyone else’s luggage. I want to relax and deal with my jumbo purse and books. Not my luggage. Especially since I would have to redo all my liquids so that I pass the inspector detector at security. But because of delta airlines charging $15 for your FIRST bag, I am going to have to carry-on my suitcase. Which means a smaller bag and all that shit. I am only going to deal with it for two reasons: I am going to be gone from Thursday to Sunday. I am going to the ATL so hopefully that means I don’t need a frak-ton of sweaters. And two – its only this one time. When I head to Tampa for my cruise next month I will be flying Southwest. Guess how much they charge for up to three bags? NOTHING! Thats right, NOTHING! And its a non-stop flight. I don’t have to lay-over in some god-awful city for any reason. Straight from Albuquerque to Tampa! Woot there it is!

Now, my boobs… as you know I am trying to loose weight. And I am doing pretty good. My shirt size is down several sizes. My pants are down as well… but dresses? Bloody hell… I need a semi-formal/cocktail dress for the cruise. Right? So, last night I stop by the dress barn – they carry both regular sized and fat women clothing. I was sure I would find something. But nooooooo…. these damned things haven’t shrunk enough to where I can find something that looks good on the rest of my body. I have to buy two sizes bigger and look like I’m wearing a sack to dinner. Not gonna happen. I whined (cause I do it oh so well) to my trainer and we will be working on that.

So, ladies who want large chests – don’t… its a pain in the ass. Or is that back? I mean don’t get me wrong, they are nice and all. And they do get me some attention (like a guy holding open the automatic door for me at Walgreens a few hours ago) but they have drawbacks. But what doesn’t right?

But in truth, life is a bit crazy right now. Been back at work for two days – not enough time to get anything done and not in the mood to workout at all. But I worked out this morning, a short 20 minute video. I will have a gym at the hotel I am staying at in ATL and I ge tin early enough that I will be able to go workout before bed time for the next few night. But I am exhausted. With the traveling and rushing around and trying to find time to be social. Its not easy when you need to fit everything for a week into 2.5 days. But somehow I am doing it.

Do you think I will learn not to use But and So to start off all my damned sentences in school? I hope so! But (ha!) time to get back to work. I leave my house at a quarter to 7 tomorrow for a 8:30am flight to the ATL… and to my family! Most I have seen in a few years all at once.

Affirmation of the day: I am sexy! Even if no one else knows it.

Thought of the moment: Yummy Orange Juice!

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