And the New Year Rolls On…

Sooooo…. I headed over to my school yesturday – CNM – and picked up my parking permit and got my money back for the class I dropped. I ended up dropping my Intro to Sociology because I am unsure if I can really handle three class right now with the problems at work and trying to continue keeping a focus on my workouts and weight loss. I can not, CAN NOT, take a chance that I will grow lazy in that department at all.

Back on topic, I ended up getting my permit and my money back (yeah money! I can eat!) as well as my student ID (yeah! it was free!) but didn’t get a chance to pick up my books like I wanted to. The line was hella long and we were told the store wouldn’t even open for another 30 – 40 minutes. So after a brief discussion with Lor (my wonderful wonderful friend who kindly said yes when asked to drive me around cause my car keys were in my moms purse, in Las Vegas), we decided to leave and head to target so I could buy kitty litter and Kohls – so I could buy new jeans (I’m in an 18!).  When we left we saw a nice set up of traffic going back towards the school. So in one fail swoop – we decided it was best to not worry about it.

Heck, I bought my book for my English class online and have it already to go. I have time between classes that I can run over to the bookstore and pick up my Western Civ book before that one starts.

Basically this will be my schedule for school:

  • Analytical Writing – M/W – 10:30am to 11:45am
  • Western Civilization I – M/W – 1:30pm to  2:45pm

I know it doesn’t seem fancy but I am looking forward to it. Especially the Western Civ class, I have two of the books we will be reading already in (ordered them thru work): The Prince by Machavelli and The Death of Socrates by Plato. Awesome books and can’t wait to read them! They are on my want to read list, so I am very excited.

Not much else is going on in my life. I am attempting to wear contacts again. I thought about it the other day, I think my eyes are probably one of my best features – if not the #1 best and prettiest thing about me – and I am always wearing those big clunky glasses where my eyes are hidden a majority of the time. So, out come the contacts. They are killing my eyes but I am forcing myself to keep going with them. I just need to go buy myself some drops since I am out of them, and some cheap sunglasses cause the sun hurts your eyes – you know that?

Thats pretty much it… I will have more later but I am trying to figure somethings out in my head. There is too much going on up there right now to be able to think clearly.

PS – I like pancakes and I am STARVING for them right now!

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