Nothing Too New and Exciting…

Just a general update, there isn’t much new and exciting going on in my life right now. Things are a little crazy and busy but that isn’t anything new. My life is always a little crazy. Heck, I’m a little crazy!

We are about 2.5 weeks away from Christmas and I am looking forward to it. Unfortunatly, I will be spending Christmas away from my parents again this year and will be heading to Las Vegas to celebrate it with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew. I always look forward to heading to Las Vegas, there is something about the area I really like and its not just the casinos. I spend most of my time on the outskirts of the city near henderson in the regular people world. Not the casino area. And its really nice. Laid back, relaxed and nice.

What I want to do is figure something out for New Years Eve. I know there has to be a few parties going on and I want to do something more then I did last year, which was sit in a hotel room with the familia and watch Law & Order. I can’t do any heavy partying and staying out late since the following day is my nephews bday which means its his day. And his very firm on his entire family that can be there, will be there with him. I don’t know where he gets his stubborness from at all? lol…

But other then that, I am just preparing myself for the upcoming year. I have decided to head back to school once more and I have three classes on my list for the semester: Analytic Writing, Western Civilization I (a history class on pre-middle ages civilization) and Intro to Sociology. Not much right? Yeah… I think I may end up shooting myself come the end of April. But I want to get my degree and my work has agreed to work around my school schedule to allow me this. My sociology class will be taken online though. So, two classes on Monday & Wednesday during the day then the one online.

The hardest part will be when I go on my vacation to the Caribbean at the beginning of February. I guess I could of cancelled my vaca but I didn’t take a real one this year because I knew I was heading out of town in Feb. So, we will see. I will contact my teachers and talk to them about it. Maybe they will work with me. I mean, I have two full days on the water with nothing much to do. I can do homework on vacation. I won’t like it – but I will do it. Cause I want a freaking piece of paper, damnit!

Lets see… love life – still non-existant. Curious – have you ever met someone that you felt a deep connection with but still felt it wasn’t right? But I have been having more thoughts on what I want the future Mr. Varza.

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