Stop the Remake!

Okay, so MTV in its infinite wisdom has decided that the classic movie “Rocky Horror Picture Show” just isn’t good enough anymore and is in desperate need of a MTV make over so they are remaking it.

But at least someone is stepping up and trying to stop the remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show which has run uninterrupted for over 30 years now I believe. Its a classic. Going to it is an experience within itself and I am sorry but MTV you suck nowadays. All you are is crappy non-reality shows and even your hour of music on Friday night is more talk-show and look at me then videos. I remember MTV when it was Music Television and not a pandering freak show who gives the world LC and whoever the hell is on that non-reality show called The Hills… Stay away from the Rocky Horror Picture Show cause I swear all I can see if your Hills Cast playing the characters.
So, if you enjoy classics and LOVE the true Rocky Horror Picture Show go here: and sign the petition to stop this travesty.

Stop the Remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show

And pass on the word!!!

Frakking A!!! This is getting ridiculous. I feel like my memories and childhood are being attacked. They remade Halloween – a classic perfect horror film that didn’t need to be touched. But oh no… someone thought they could do better and I think it bombed. They are remaking Nightmare on Elm Street WITHOUT Robert Eugland! Hello! He is Freddie… no one could replace Freddie by Robert! He is the stuff of my nightmares. I lost sleep over him and they don’t need to remake it and change the story. At least with Texas Chainsaw Massacre they kept the original story.

But seriously, can Hollywood just stop! I don’t want to see a new version of anymore I already love like the above or the Birds, hell I even like the original Red Sonja – at least the last actress looked like she could kick someones ass not suck it. Sorry Rose – I like you but you aren’t a warrior woman… if anything at least get a tan. Cause women who run around in metal bikinis and are amazonian types don’t look like they stayed inside for their entire life. And start working out now.

Damnit! I was having a good night until this… thanks for letting me rant

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