The Other Boylen Girl DVD

Well, I finally got a chance to see the big screen adaptation of The Other Boylen Girl by Phillipa Gregory. I can’t help but wonder, why did they even try. Obviously this is not an adaptation but a movie influenced by. Kinda like, I read this book and I will write this movie that inspired me to do it but leave out everything but maybe just a slight essence of the story. I mean heck, they didn’t have to be influenced by the book or say it was an adaptation since the rumors of Mary and King Henry VIII are rumors that have been flying around since they were alive and both at court.

Now, the first thing that got me was, while I enjoy Eric Bana, how can you not even try to make the actor protraying one of the most infamous kings in the history of the world look like him! I mean come on!! Its not like its possible he may of had dark brown hair and brown eyes! There are portraits of him.

But the movie was just a jumbled mess and I can’t even put into my words how bad it was. So, I will just say don’t bother watching it. Watch the BBC version instead.