Random Star Wars References – 1

I have been wanting to do this for awhile and just haven’t. Its odd and random when you come across a Star Wars reference in some way in the popular media and I thought it would be fun to start tracking it. Why? To really see how many odd references you can find just in your daily life of watching movies, tv, reading books etc… Today is the first one (I will do another post later on back tracking some of the ones I have found in the past):

The Holiday
What reference: Jack Black playing the piano for Kate Winslet and showing her a piece he had written, he plays the Star Wars theme. (At another point, he talks about the Jaws theme as well.) She doesn’t mention Star Wars just says its John Williams not him.

If you have any that you know of yourself – please post a comment and I will add them in another post as well. If this is good, I will make a page for it.

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