Garage Renovation

Slowly this summer I have been trying to get my garage finished. Meaning insulation, drywall, painting, organizing et al. As of this morning we (my friend Lor and I) had put up 2 rolls of insulation, the icky pink stuff, which is about 8 panels. I started around 10:30am this morning while I waited for my father to come and help me. I got about 2 or 3 panels after moving around a butt load of boxes I still have yet to finish unpacking. But I got them done and then my dad showed up.

Now, last night after talking it over with my father we decided to go with wallboard instead of dry wall. For one main reason – among many – is that is it a frak ton more durable then dry wall. From what was explained to me was that usually you spend a lot of time in the garage fixing holes and cracks in the dry wall from when something hits it and puts a hole in it. Your car door etc. The other plus is that with it being wood – you can nail things in, in more location. Made sense and it is the garage walls. It doesn’t have to be pretty. It needs to be functional more then anything else. It has to stand up to projects, doors, etc.

So, dad showed up and we unloaded his truck and finished two more panels. They were smaller then the regular 15″ wide panels so we ended up cutting up one section of drywall and finishing off two of the smaller ones. Then off to home depot after unpacking three pieces of wallboard out of the truck.

All and all it was a good day. We picked up four more rolls of insulation, paint for the walls, some small hand saws to get around some gas lines and the grounder in the wall. But, we have all but 6 panels done and the small portions above the garage door. We didn’t do those because it was getting hot and it would mean more a ton of furniture around. But we got one wall board up.

Tonight my plan is to drag my best friend to my house and move the furniture into the center of the garage against the other boxes so that there is an opening along the wall. Here are some photos:

Last of the open panels, you can see some of the furniture blocking it. The cabinets were something my best friend got from a job he worked on. They will be a portion of the work bench that will be in the garage after we are done.

Here is the rest of the same wall. All insulated. Curtesy of myself, Lor and my dad. Yes, I know how to put insulation in!

Blurry pic of the wallboard before putting it on the wall. We (meaning my dad) had to cut a small hole into the side to make it fit around the copper piping for the, I think the water or gas. Not 100% sure.

Wallboard is up! You can see how it fits around the pipe now. Its only held up with a few screws since we need something to make the heads of the screws lay flush to the board and not stick out. Next tot he wall board you can see the dry wall that the house builders did before I moved it. So pretty…

Pic of my dad taking off some items that were screwed into the 2″ x 4″‘s (quality home building here!) that don’t seem to have a purpose. This is one panel we can’t really insulated since its all the wiring and the grounder is in the concert at the bottom – its in a great location and no the outside of the edge. Pic of that later.

So, thats about it. This was my Saturday. We hope to finish this off on the 17th.