Who Watches the Watchmen?

If any of you went to see The Dark Knight this past weekend, which according to the numbers was most of you, you probably saw the trailer for the movie “Watchmen” which is based on the acclaimed best selling graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore and David Gibbon. Like many of the others out there I was instantly awed and inspired by the trailer. How can you not be? Its beautiful and the music is spot on. It makes your heart race. Which means that once again Director Zack Snyder will most likely have another box office win. His vision on the screen has been masterful so far (Dawn of the Dead remake and the bloody wonderful 300) and it is possible that it will be once again. I especially love his use of music in a movie. He always seems to know exactly which music to use.

As many others, I too went home and picked up my copy of Watchmen off that shelf and started to reread it. I haven’t read it in probably 5 – 6 years now, ever since I was first introduced to Alan Moore through the graphic novels “Top Ten”. I am half way thru it. Taking my time of taking it all in once more and I can’t help but wonder. Will it translate as well onto the screen as the trailer makes you think it does? The trailer is only certain aspects of the movie and it is hard to say. Watchmen seems like it will be difficult to do. With the different story lines, a huge amount of main characters to pull from. How will it come to together? I have many theories, all I know is that if it is to turn out well, Snyder is the one to make it not just well but spectacular. And I can not wait to see it. Especially with the cast that he has assembled together including Bill Crudup as Dr. Manhattan. I guess we have until March 6, 2009 to speculate about it…

And then I have to wonder, can I can get my best friend to dress up as Rorschach.

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