Bring On The Pain?

I met with a personal trainer last night for the first time, actually no it was the second time but the first was my orientation and PT sign up. Now, when I first met up with him and he showed me what we would be doing I though, ‘okay this will be easy. A few jumping jacks, squat jumps, crunches, etc Not a problem!’ Boy was I wrong! I can say I definatly got my moneys worth. Today my lefts are sore and hurt and my arms are lagging behind me and I am 5 hours into my day and I STILL want to go to sleep. But alas I can’t. Sadly, last night I was feeling great! I was chattery, happy and just estatic. I pushed myself and awhile I wasn’t a 100% perfect I would score about a 85 – 90%. I didn’t let myself give into the pain when I wanted to stop I kept going. I am happy about that.

Now, he did tell me to take today off but after I explained that I can’t because I didn’t workout much over the weekend, I am heading back in. But next week, like hell I am. I am going to workout a few days ahead of time and take Wednesday off. But part of me is wishing that I could meet with him more then once a week or for at least an hour. But I can’t afford it. Hell, I can barely afford 30 minutes a week, I took a ton of money out of my entertainment budget and shopping budget to be able to do this. But after last night, I am not sorry I did. He pushed me beyond my comfortablity and made me work really really hard. Which I do do from time to time when I work out but not like last night. I was sweaty and breathing hard but I did it anyways. It felt good.

I am meeting up with him for a bit tonight so he can show me some excercises to do when I am not meeting with him. I look forward to it. He is a pretty cool guy. I just hope this keeps up. I am happy.