Orange-Mango Smoothie

Each morning I start my day with a protein shake/smoothie for breakfast. I need the protein due to the amount I am working out and well, its good for your body. Instead of stopping at the store to buy one, I started a few weeks ago using fresh fruits and juice to make my own. Not long after that I started adding fat-free yogurt for the calcium and the fact that yogurt is good for your digestion. I normally drink this when I have my morning multi-vitamn.

I had this for breakfast this morning and really liked it so, figured I would share it with you. Its pretty dang yummy.

Orange-Mando Smoothie

  • 1 cup of Orange Juice (Tropicana No Pulp, Calcium & Vitamin D)
  • 1 Scoop of Protien Powder (your choice, I use ProHer 5)
  • 1/2 Cup Mango (I like the skin on)
  • 1/3 Cup of Fat Free Plain Yogurt
  • 1 Capful of Aloe Juice

Put everything together in a blender and mix for 45 seconds. Pour into glass.

Its quite a yummy way to start your day. 😀 Enjoy!! This drink is around 317 calories depending on what you use and if you change the amount.

I will have more recipes coming in the future. I usually mess around with foods but I figured I would start posting the ones I am really enjoying making.

Goals and whatnot…

So, things have gotten a bit better since I last posted. I did not walk away, in truth, I have too much going on in my life that is 100x’s more important then people bitching about stupid crap. Now back to my real life, where I pretty much happy. I say pretty much because we all have bad days… right?

Things are going well on my diet/lifestyle change. I think I am still loosing weight and I know I am shrinking. How, you ask? Well, my workout pants that I have been using were a XXL but the other day I went and picked up another pair. But, accidently I picked up an XL instead of an XXL, they fit really well. As well as my XXL did when I picked them up over a month ago. I am very happy with that. How can I not be? I went to the movies last night and noticed that my hips didn’t hit the sides of the seat. I realized they hadn’t in the past few weeks but I didn’t think about it then. Last night, having gotten up several times for the bathroom and snacks, before the movie started, I did. Even after I treated myself to a scoop of Double Fudge Chocolate Ice Cream, hey we have to treat ourselves from time to time. Right? Or we go crazy!!!

But, I have been thinking of my end goals, when I hit my final weight goal – which is 150lbs, if my body will do it. What will I give myself. Well, after thinking about it I think I will do what I have been wanting to do for the last 5 – 8 years but haven’t because of my weight. A beautiful tattoo on my right back shoulder. I have the design in mind but it will be a bit more original then walking into the store and saying – hey, I want that. And it is possible I will cover up a really bad tat I have on my inner hip. With what? I haven’t a clue. Maybe a spartan sheild from 300 since it has a special place in my heart for my weight loss.

My other goal – to make a costume I have been wanting to do for the past few years but there was no way in hell I would ever be able to pull it off unless I was in shape. More on that when it gets time to start on it.

Today has been a good day so far… about 3 hours left in work and then I can go home and workout then work on some projects I have been pushing off for the past few weeks while I go to the gym.