Slytherin Student Update 4

Bought some shoes today and of course like anything else. I couldn’t buy just one! Thats crazy talk! Especially when there are sales going on. I ended up not buying any Mary Janes or any other school girl like shoes. I got three pairs and they were all on sale.

1st pair: Converse Chuck Taylors Double Uppers in Tan and Black but they came with green and white shoe strings. They were on sale from 46.99 to 24.99. The inside layer is tan and I think I may be able to colour it with a marker or something and then find some silver laces.

2nd pair: A pair of Bjornal Black Slip ons from Rack Room Shoes on sale for like 14.98 from 29.99

and finally the

3rd Pair: A pair of black La Vida from Skechers. They were on sale at the Skechers store for $9.95 from $25.00. The ones I am linking to are in the same style but not the actual shoe.

I have no idea if I am going to keep any of these but they are to try out and see if they will work at all.

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