Another Fall Semester

ImageIn 5 days time I will be starting another semester of college and I know I am looking forward to a heavy semester. I am glad though that the oxygen machine I received to help with my sleep apnea seems to be working and I have had at least a week and a half of full sleep in the past month. Having started out with only sleeping for a few hours of sleep with the mask on – I have now worked up with a consistent 6-8 hours of sleep in 4 nights out of 7 without ripping the mask off in my sleep. 

I have felt that metabolism has been bumped up, seeing as I am actually hungry during the daytime now and not just eating because I need to. Hopefully, this means that I will hopefully start losing some weight just from my natural metabolism working correctly. This, I hope will help with my classes this fall. That I won’t struggle as much as I did in the Spring semester. But my biggest concern is that I will  hopefully not lose time for my writing.

This is one of my concerns because my story is going so well and I do not want to lose momentum. Especially with the writers conference coming up next month. I had planned on having the manuscript done by the time school started, if not the final rough draft that would only have to be edited over the next four weeks. Instead, I have 3/4 of a novel to still write. Somehow I need to manage, along with homework and spending time with my child & husband, to write about 60,000 more words of my novel. Continue the plotting for it and writing a glossary for the world I am creating.

I am looking forward to this semester though because I am finally starting to take the upper level courses for my major/minor instead of only required classes. I will be studying a lot on two of my favorite topics: mythology and English history. I have a feeling my struggle course will be my linguistics class since I have no idea what it will be about, well other then the history of English language. l’sigh
Wish me luck and less stress over the next 18 weeks. Oh, and weight loss. Image

7 thoughts on “Another Fall Semester

  1. hey Varza, I just found your blog, as I was googling things about Libra Scorpio cusp. Turns out i was directed here since we share the same birthday. Mine is October 23, 1993. I love astrology, and learning about it. So, I claim scorpio on the cusp of Libra do you? I am an artist, and a writer. Im in college too, for graphic design. I think your blog is awesome.

    • When I was younger I used to claim Scorpio on the cusp but I had my chart done a few times by friends and they each came up with Libra in the cusp for my bday. After reading up on it, it made sense for me when I read it. Especially with my desire to try and keep the peace and hating of things out of wack in social situations.

      And thank you! Graphic Design is an amazing field. I have some friends in it and I am fascinated with what they do, I am only talented enough in the field to dabble for some banners and icons.

  2. Varza I noticed you cancelled your facebook and I have a question for you. Do you remember where you took me for my GED test? I know we went to the gwinett college campus and I got cold feet. You took me somewhere else and I cannot for the life of me remember where. I need to get a copy of the GED for some classes I want to take. Thanks so much

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