Kitchen Sweat Equity

Well… we are almost done with the kitchen. Recently DH and Bf have framed out one of the arches. We have molding partially done. Still needs to be painted.

Right now its the details that we are working on. Getting the plugs put back in place. All the cabinet knobs on. Finishing the backsplash. Trims. Touch up painting. Etc.

We have some other things that are going to put the kitchen on hold. Due to a very curious child we have to renovate our family room. Not much just moving the tv and building an entertainment center that’s inserted in our wall so that wires, electrical equipment et al are out of reach.

We have some other things to do down there. Recently found out that the previous owner had fixed the basement right before the sale because their tenants had left the water on outside the house and there was damage. So we are going to do a mold test because somethings are happening to the walls that now make sense.

Will post pics soon of everything else.

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