2009 Halloween Costume

I was thinking that this year would be a low-key Halloween. That I would just stay home on Saturday night and hand out candy but I really wanted to go out and have some fun or do something. I mean I LOVE Halloween! Love love love it!

So, a friend of mine and I will be co-hosting a party at my house with bad scary movies and just fun relaxing time at my place (I will be sending out the invites in the next few days to all my local friends!). This also means, that I now have to make a Halloween costume. Now, I could do my Slytherin costume again or one of my other costumes but I want to do something fun and a bit more just wacked out. And in truth – I sold or donated almost all my costumes this past year because of my weight loss. I do still have my Ren Faire costume that I purchased many years ago but in truth, its tight and uncomfortable and I don’t want to deal with a heaving bosom all night long. Especially when my beau won’t be there to enjoy it…

I thought long and hard, should I make something or just buy a costume in a bag or what… then suddenly this morning it came to me… I am going to be a “Grey’s Anatomy Gone Bad” – a bit of a play on the “Naughty Nurse” but with more blood… and more of my body being covered. This of course means that pretty much everything I need will be able to be purchased. Which means, I don’t have to cram sewing into my insane work/working out/school schedule that I have going on. And I can relax over my birthday trip to LA because I won’t have to think about a half-finished costume sitting at home on my floor waiting for me.

So what does one need for a “Grey’s Anatomy Gone Bad” costume…

Scrubs – obviously, some surgery/cutting instruments, props, wacked out hair and blood… lots and lots of fake blood because what is a Halloween costume without fake blood?

2 thoughts on “2009 Halloween Costume

  1. I did almost the same idea…since my son will be 1 this yeear around halloween I just made him a little frog prince costume and altered one of my old ren faire costumes, my 15-16 cent. french court gown, to accommidate my personal heaving, and now ample, bosom. So simple, and easy…

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