Wrockstock 2008

While I have yet to be able to make a Wrockstock event, I can tell you – I wish I could. I just don’t have the time or the finances to go to one yet. But from what it sounded like last year – it was a complete and utter blast. The lady who is organizing the event is one heck of a lady. So if you love Harry Potter, Wrock Music (wizard rock), raising funds for charity  and like to meet just a few HP fans out in the woods, I say check it out. Main Website – Wrockstock 2008.

If you want to check out and find out more about the Wrock Movement go here: http://www.wizrocklopedia.com/

You Icky Ugly Wall…

I cam across my first wall today. Its all icky slimy and wet. I do not like it. Go away wall cause I don’t want to touch you. Anyone have any bleach I can clean it with so I can then break thru it? Stupid workout walls – my mind hates you.