Silence is the Enemy Update

The “Silence is the Enemy” movement has now created a website to continue to spread the word of the movement:

(from a message from the facebook group)

June was only the beginning. The goal remains to draw attention to sexual abuse globally and encourage everyone to talk about it and act. We’re not focused on one gender or limited to a single specific region and now we must continue to bang the drum.

Remember several bloggers have pledged to donate their June revenue (based on traffic) to Doctors Without Borders, so you can support the effort with each click on:

Silence is the Enemy

It is hard for me to find the right words to say about this topic… there is a group being started online called “Silence is the Enemy” by a group of women in protest against the mass rapings of children in war times.

I just want to pass on the links and some information because I feel this is a worthy cause and needs as much attention as possible. Put the spotlight on it and maybe people will start realizing that we can hopefully do something to stop it.

Read the Blog:

Join the Facebook Group: