The Flame Wars Begin

I was just taking a few moments to look at the Fandango page for the Clone Wars, the new animated Star Wars movie/tv pilot coming to the big screen on August 15th and surprise surprise the haters are already blasting away. Seriously!? The movie doesn’t come out for almost two weeks and it has a so-so rating because people can’t help but blast away at anything that Lucas does. And unfortunatly, most of them are written with a severe lack of knowledge.

Several of the complaints are why would Lucas even think about making an animated movie! How dare he, he should just make the next trilogy of the Star Wars series. Well, to answer this: the movie is a pilot for the new tv series that is coming out starting on September 1, 2008 for the Cartoon Network. And its not like this is the first animation version of the series. Hello! Anyone remember the awesome shorts they did for the Clone Wars on the Cartoon Network between AOTC and ROTS? Maybe the reviewers never saw them? But this movie goes from where those take off and expand upon that part of the story and the war. We will finally get Assaj Ventress on the big screen! And more about the history between Obi-Wan, Anakin and Grevious and so on.

The other part of the flaming is just for the general hatred people seem to have with Star Wars and anything associated with it. Personally, which I don’t understand. Its not like the movies are a real war or anything to affect our daily lives. Real people aren’t dying but I swear you would think by the way people react that Lucas had mass murdered thousands of men, women and children. And I don’t understand, I just don’t. Its fiction, its not real people! Why waste so much hatred on something you could just ignore. In truth, this is nothing new. Ever since i got online and found a wider range of Star Wars fans I have been surprised about the venemance that people hate Lucas, even those who consider themselves fans. But this isn’t the first instance I have seen it online for this movie. I saw the same thing over at the The Leaky Cauldron when they annouced that the Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince trailer would be shown in front of the Clone Wars. Pages upon pages about how stupid and horrible Star Wars is and how could anyone ever like it. The movies suck, blah blah blah. And not just the PT but the OT. I mean, really? How much energy are you wasting? I can dislike people for their actions and what not but to hate a series? Whatevah…

And then the other complaint is the animation style. The stylized animation… nothing new and somewhat of a new technique in 3D animation. The style isn’t knew. If you watch the original Clone Wars animation you can see the stylized style which is simiular to other cartoons out there. It just takes that format and puts it into 3D and more rendered and relalistic looking then a flat animated image. God forbid they try something new.

But in truth, if people want to bitch and whine because they hate Lucas let them. Its annoying as hell, yes but why let it ruin our fun, right? Ignore the reviews you see online unless the person has seen the movie and not just the trailer. And pay attention to people who know what they are talking about and not just petty frustrated I’m bored so I will write this review. See it for yourself, judge for yourself and check back here on the evening of the 15th for my review. 😀

Here is the trailer everyone is either raving or bitching about:

And some of the original Clone Wars Cartoon: