Renovation Update

The renovation is going very very slow right now. DH is working on the cabinets trying to get them painted but the paint you need to use is very thin and takes forever to dry. So its going little by little. He and his friend were able to finally get the floor clean from the vinyl tiles and once the wood floors are done we can get that tiled. Right now, the floors have been sanded and the first layer of varnish is on and drying. Tomorrow Footprints Floors will be going back and putting on the final coat. I can’t wait to post the final pictures. Here are some pictures of the pre refinished floors:

Living Room Floors

Future Office Floors w/cat pee stains

As you can see with the future office picture of the floors there are a lot of stains BUT they should be gone except for a few of them that will be too deep to take off. One you can see on the bottom near the wall. That isn’t cat pee but a water stain from possible a potted plant being there. So I guess that will be “character” for the floors.

Bathroom – Upstairs

I did finish the painting in the upstairs bathroom. I think I stated before that we had 3 or 4 different colors in this tiny tiny tiny bathrom. They were shades of green with one white wall. Now I love green, it is my favorite color. We are painting our kitchen & dining area green and possibly my office and downstairs. Our living room will be the green the old owners had painted it until we have the time to paint it another color. So, I wanted to find something to match but brighten it up. The yellow I found is light but once it was done it has made the bathroom feel so much brighter and bigger. It will help make the space more liveable until we can renovate the entire space and make it more our own. I mentioned before that they had repainted the cabinet and mirror very badly, I decided that I will take the paint for the molding/base and try to fix it some. Here are some photos from the bathroom:

Shower Corner - Pre painting

Shower Corner - After Painting

Vanity Area - Pre painting

Vanity Area - After Painting

Now – it wasn’t 100% done when I took these photos but it is now. Once its fully decorated I will post a photo… now to look for a new shower curtain.

Kitchen Walls

Here is the texture that was on the walls before we had them fixed:

sand texture paint

The guys redid the walls and fixed some bad dry wall work. They also patched this giant whole:

Look thru to the back wall

That was where the old backsplash was. And then they fixed this:

Giant crack in the ceiling

But now our home looks like this after all the guys hard work last week:

new ceiling

But everything is coming together, even if it is slowly happening the main thing is that it is happening. On Monday morning the LO and I are heading to Albuquerque to get furniture and the last of my stuff from my parents house. While I am gone my awesome hubby will still be working so that when we get back we can work on getting things moved. I have recruited my dad to help me out with some things at the house, I figure he and I can finish painting the kitchen, dining area and the master bedroom. I also will need to install the bead board on the walls in the dining area and on the back of the cabinets in the bar area. You can see it in the above picture of the kitchen wall before the new drywall was installed.

Hopefully I will have one more update before I leave town.

I keep saying…

Its been a long time since I blogged but seriously there is so much going on that sitting down to blog is something I just don’t have a ton of time to do… until now. I am getting ready to start blogging a house renovation that my hubby and I are getting ready to start.

We are in the middle of purchasing a home in Colorado which we hope to have in hand by the beginning of November. Then we start a month of weekend renovations on the house. There are a couple big jobs but mostly repainting, repairing things, etc. But since we are going to attempt to do this out of pocket without racking up a ton of debt it is also becoming a mission of doing the job in many different ways.

1. Conscious of time constraints – we need to be able to do it all within 30 days
2. What can we do for the best with being careful on the amount of money we spend.
3. Uniqueness – watching a lot of reno shows and house hunting there is A LOT of the same things out there with homes.
4. Being smart – there are things we can not do on our own and things that we can do

Unfortunately we can’t renovate the entire house but we are starting with what will have to be done right away before moving in to start making our stamp on it.

Right now we are in the research phase and slowly starting to figure out what we want to do with which areas. The easiest being which paints to use. The house we are purchasing has some interesting colours on the walls, has some very bad painting done throughout the house, whoever lived there LOVED colour blocking and the idea of painting one wall one color and the rest another. As well as textures on partial walls.

So, watch for updates. I will post pictures of the house as we get closer and some info on products we found out there that are really interesting. But a quick run down of other things in my life… I moved to LA to be with my then fiancee, got pregnant, married, had a baby, moved to Colorado, still in school and now a stay at home mom. Unfortunately, I have gained all my weight back from what I have lost but I aim on losing that again so look for more posts on my workouts and dieting again.

Later gators!