I keep saying…

Its been a long time since I blogged but seriously there is so much going on that sitting down to blog is something I just don’t have a ton of time to do… until now. I am getting ready to start blogging a house renovation that my hubby and I are getting ready to start.

We are in the middle of purchasing a home in Colorado which we hope to have in hand by the beginning of November. Then we start a month of weekend renovations on the house. There are a couple big jobs but mostly repainting, repairing things, etc. But since we are going to attempt to do this out of pocket without racking up a ton of debt it is also becoming a mission of doing the job in many different ways.

1. Conscious of time constraints – we need to be able to do it all within 30 days
2. What can we do for the best with being careful on the amount of money we spend.
3. Uniqueness – watching a lot of reno shows and house hunting there is A LOT of the same things out there with homes.
4. Being smart – there are things we can not do on our own and things that we can do

Unfortunately we can’t renovate the entire house but we are starting with what will have to be done right away before moving in to start making our stamp on it.

Right now we are in the research phase and slowly starting to figure out what we want to do with which areas. The easiest being which paints to use. The house we are purchasing has some interesting colours on the walls, has some very bad painting done throughout the house, whoever lived there LOVED colour blocking and the idea of painting one wall one color and the rest another. As well as textures on partial walls.

So, watch for updates. I will post pictures of the house as we get closer and some info on products we found out there that are really interesting. But a quick run down of other things in my life… I moved to LA to be with my then fiancee, got pregnant, married, had a baby, moved to Colorado, still in school and now a stay at home mom. Unfortunately, I have gained all my weight back from what I have lost but I aim on losing that again so look for more posts on my workouts and dieting again.

Later gators!

Home Update

This past Sunday my dad and I started back on the garage, I don’t have the pictures with me but we got a decent amount done. Not as much as we wanted to since we had to go to the store several times to pick up wall-board and some other items.

But I bought some OOPS paint from Home Depot in a lovely lime/light green that I will be using to paint the peg board and base boards we purchased – which are basic 1 x 3 x 16 Pine boards. Nothing fancy needed for the garage.

We ended up finishing one wall. We are due to finish the other side labor day weekend since I will have vacation time scheduled off and since I can not afford to go anywhere, I am staying home. So, instead of resting, I will be spending several days doing the following: putting up wallboard, painting and installing baseboards,painting and installing peg board along one wall, installing a attic fan in the front of my house to get rid of the hot air, installing instuallation on the ceiling, installing a new screen door I just purchased (more on that below), painting the garage and then MAYBE getting some rest. Yeah fun stuff!

As for organizing the garage – we will see how long it takes to do that. Once all the above is done we will be putting together some of the workbenches and cabinets I have stored away.

As I said earlier I will be installing a screendoor. Actually its a stormdoor with a lock on it so I can be a little more secure. I have been searching for the right one for several years now and just finalized a decision this past Sunday. I am getting a Full-View Stormdoor from Larson’s called Tradewinds in Earthtone Brown with the brushed nickel doorhandle. Its a bit off from my metal work outside which is a brown colour but I hate the gold plated colour and that was my only other choice. It wasn’t cheap since I had to pay about 40 bucks more for the colour I wanted, they only had white and almond in stock, but I think its worth it. Its glass is low enough that my cat can sit at the door and watch the world but unfortunatly, she can’t feel the air in her hair since the screen only is on the top of the door. But a great advantage to this is that the screen roles up into the top of the door, allowing me not to have to worry in the winter time of having to replace it to keep the cold out. Its pretty nice if I do say so myself. I am due to go pick it up within 14 days of purchase, so… September 1st? Or sometime that week. I can’t wait to be able to have some more freshair in my house and get a nice cross breeze.

I will post the pictures of the garage renovation later.