Another ComicCon?

My friends and I have been waiting and waiting to see if C5 is ever going to happen (Star Wars Celebration 5 for those that didn’t know what I meant) and from the rumors I am hearing is that it won’t be until 2010 due to the insane schedule of LFL next year. And while its fine if it is… I can’t help but wonder if this is a red herring. And if so, should I still hold out hope?
The answer – nope. After talking with some friends we have agreed that since it seems like C5 won’t be happening next year (I believe we knew this far in advance if C4 was going to happen or not because I used my annual bonus to pay for my room and that was months after booking my flight), we have agreed to go to San Diego Comic Con next year.

I went a few years ago and while it was fun, it was also kinda crappy because being at a convention that has 120,000 people in attendance kinda sucks ass when you are alone almost the entire time. I had no one to really talk to or eat lunch or dinner with. I hung out with a couple people but in truth its not the same as going with friends. I would like to attend and see what its like to not eat every meal except lunch in my hotel room via room service. To wear a costume every day instead of just jeans and t-shirts. Even better – to be 100lbs lighter at the con may help myself feel more comfy in some of the situations. My life is pretty different since then – I belong to several groups for the past few years that I am very active in and they have a presence each year at the convention. So, we will see. Plus, it was when I was alone that I ran into Joss Whedon on the floor.

Now to start finding hotel rooms… that will help as well on paying for things. 😀 And I am trying to figure out if I can talk the guys into driving instead of flying. 😀 And of course this would mean 4 or 5 different costumes for the week… but nice comfy costumes. I will do my Fem Tusken for the group photo then change into something more comfy.

But if C5 does happen… well, I may go to that instead but it depends on where it is. Orlando, Baltimore yes. Other places (like Chicago) maybe not.